For over 100 years, KaVo Dental has been bringing innovative technology to the field of dentistry. They provide a variety of instruments that allow dentists to do their jobs. Their dental products include handpieces for drills, hygiene instruments, and imaging technology.

Does the KaVo company make any dental specialty instruments?

KaVo makes a wide range of products for the area of general dentistry, but they also make instruments for specialty services such as dental implants, endodontics, and dental hygiene. The KaVo MASTERsurg LUX is a wireless unit that has a touchscreen, wireless foot control, and automatic data documentation. This piece of dental equipment has 10 customizable programs, each of which offers an additional 10 steps that are individually programmable. The Op 3D is an X-ray platform that can be used in endodontics and many other specialty dentistry applications. The ELECTROmatic Premium has a built-in endodontic function and dual monitors that allow for transition between high-speed handpieces and endo-type handpieces.

What kinds of dental chairs does KaVo offer?

KaVo has chairs ranging from a basic chair to one that keeps all of the instruments a dentist needs in one place. They make dental chairs with features that are meant to provide support to the patient and assist dentists with their work. The ESTETICA E50 Life is a basic model and features adjustable patient positioning, which helps to reduce strain. It is adjustable to the size of the patient. The ESTETICA E/70/E80 is a chair that can be adjusted for the type of dental work that needs to be done. This chair has a surgical function with a surgical monitor and a saline solution pump included.

What are some of the features of KaVo imaging systems?

KaVo imaging systems feature the ability to produce 3-D images of the oral cavity and the surrounding structures. 3-D scans allow the ability to see the relationship of different oral features. The PerfectScout imaging system provides the ability to switch between 2-D and 3-D imaging. It also gives the ability to transform 2-D panoramic views into 3-D, which allows the technician to read images taken by other instruments and turn them into a higher-quality image. KaVo dental imaging systems produce a high-resolution picture, which can assist the dentist in diagnosis. KaVo offers a wide range of systems with some systems featuring the ability to have surgical guides produced on the image for the implant placement process.

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