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Johnny Lightning Toy Cars Feature Many Different Vehicle Designs

The world of toy cars includes the line of vehicles known as the Johnny Lighting toy cars series. With die-cast metal, high-quality features, and gorgeous artwork on the cases, the toy cars are ideal for collectors and children who enjoy playing with vehicles. Learn about the cars and get some eBay tips to use while you shop.

What features come on Johnny Lightning cars?

While you shop for Johnny Lightning cars worth on eBay, learn about various features to look for. One of the unique features of the affordable Johnny Lightning series is the limited run of several of the vehicles. For example, a car like the Street Freaks Blacked out 2000 Chevy Corvette C5 was only released as a series of 2,500 toys. Also, the cars often have interactive features. If a car model is a convertible, there is typically a hard top that may be removed and used as needed. Some of the cars will also come with collector's cards. Each card features a detailed look at the vehicle along with stats on the car.

Differences between Johnny Lightning packaging

One of the things to look for when shopping for new Johnny Lightning barn finds is the packaging the vehicles come in. Some of the cars come in a standard cardboard backing with a plastic bubble to protect the car. Other releases feature a full plastic shell, which encloses the package artwork along with the vehicle. The full plastic shell helps protect the car, increases the Johnny Lightning cars value and is an ideal choice if you display the cars without taking them out of the package. Some of the multi-pack vehicles may come in diorama-style packaging, which features the cars set up in a specific scene or style. As you shop, you will know the car is mint in package if the toy faces the left because this is the standard direction Johnny Lightning cars are packaged in.

Movie-themed Johnny Lightning toy cars

Along with standard cars, the company has released a number of Johnny Lightning limited edition cars based off of movies. For example, you can shop for multiple cars based off the horror movie “Christine”. Infamous cars from movies like “Ghostbusters” and Disney's “The Love Bug” also have Johnny Lightning releases. Stylish toy cars are also available from film franchises like James Bond. The packages for the cars also feature artwork and logos from the various movies.

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