John Deere

John Deere has been serving customers' needs for almost 100 years and has a wide selection of tractors for lawn care, landscaping, and other applications. This company has the equipment you need to take care of the landscaping for your property and the accessories to help ease the burden along the way.

What types of products John Deere have to offer?

The company has a wide range of equipment for different types of landscaping jobs, both big and small and residential and commercial.

  • For the homeowner, there are lawn tractors that come in sizes ranging from a 38-inch to 54-inch cutting deck. They are not only a piece of lawn cutting equipment, they also can be accessorized to take care of snow buildup, haul dirt, as well as many other secondary uses. These tractors come in gasoline and electric models and sport the green and yellow colors of the John Deere brand.
  • For bigger professional jobs, John Deere has a variety of zero-turn mowers that will handle both residential and commercial spaces. Zero-turn means that you can turn 180 degrees, making this piece of equipment useful for tougher lawns with trees, poles, or debris that needs to navigate. These mowers come standard with 20-horsepower to 24-horsepower engines and 42-inch to 60-inch deck widths depending on the model.
  • John Deere offers everything from backhoes small enough for those small to mid-sized landscaping projects where a little extra muscle is needed, to articulated dump trucks that can support a payload of over 40 tons. There are dozers, scrapers, tillers, shredders, harvesters, and many other pieces of equipment available for all types of jobs.
  • Alongside all the landscaping and excavating machines, John Deere offers a line of accessories to go with them. Some of the more notable accessories available are the snow blower attachment for the lawn tractor so you can keep your driveway and sidewalk clear during the cold winter months, enclosures for tractor operators to keep warm on frigid winter days, mulchers, material collection systems, brush guards, bumpers, extra lights, carts, and tillers. There are many other types of accessories and equipment available as well.
  • In addition to lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment, the company offers clothing lines for men, women, and children. There are decorative hats and shirts with John Deere logo, a children’s clothing line featuring tractor-stamped pajamas, apparel for ladies, and even work boots and pants. There are also canopies available and even a play tractor-tent.
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