About John Deere Toy Tractors

"Let's go Deere hunting," you say to your husband as you head out to find John Deere toy tractors. These toys resemble all-working models, including sub-compact utility tractors, row-crop tractors, and four-wheel-drive tractors. John Deere tractors date back to the 1830s, when founder John Deere, a blacksmith and inventor, saw a need for making farming and agricultural production more efficient. The early fleet of tractors included simple vehicles with two large, studded back wheels and a smaller wheel in front, featuring two disks on a steel axle. You can find replicas of these old farming machines in the form of antique John Deere toy tractors, which bear the same signature green backgrounds and yellow wheels as these other tractors, distinguishing the brand. The company's logo appears on the side against a panel of yellow. This toy comes with a boat-size steering wheel derived from metal and a large gear shift on the side for manually operating the gears. For a contemporary toy, consider John Deere toy tractor loaders, featuring a versatile design with a front loader and separate backhoe attachment. The large inventory on eBay lets you search for John Deere toy tractors of all kinds, from the first primitive models to modern agricultural vehicles.