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Jogging Strollers

New moms have a lot on their plates when it comes to children. Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time in strollers, so moms have to make sure they choose the best one possible. Parents need a stroller that keeps their kids safe while allowing parents to get stuff done, such as jogging.

What is a jogging stroller?

A baby jogger almost always has three wheels. The front wheel is fixed, and it won't rotate. Joggers have tires that are filled with air. This makes them easily glide over cracks, bumps, grass, and rough terrain. Jogging strollers also contain a handbrake and brakes on the back tires.

Why choose a jogging stroller?

Jogging strollers are geared toward active parents who enjoy walking, jogging, running, hiking, and other activities. But parents of all activity levels can enjoy them.

  • Lots of storage: A jogging stroller is roomy. Not only will your child have lots of room to get cozy in, but there's also added storage underneath. You can store your purse, groceries, toys, and more. The stroller also has an additional ledge that hosts a compartment and cup holders.
  • Safe for baby: The jogger typically has two straps that cross over the arms and clip in the middle. An additional strap clips between your child's legs to make sure that he or she stays safe.
  • Easy to move: A lightweight jogging stroller is easy to move thanks to its swivel wheel. Anywhere you want to go, the stroller will easily glide. No longer do you have to worry about rocks, cracks, or bumpy sidewalks.
  • Perfect for baby or toddler: A jogging stroller will grow as your child grows. Many jogging strollers have the option to clip a car seat in. As a toddler, there's enough space to keep them comfy.
  • Canopy: A canopy on the baby jogger will help keep the sun, wind, rain, and other elements out of your baby's eyes.
What to look for when choosing a baby jogger

When looking for a stroller for your baby or child, there are a few things to keep in mind whether you're a serious runner or just a parent who needs to get from point A to point B. You want to choose a stroller that has sturdy front wheels. The wheels are the most important part because these are what set joggers apart. The wheels make it so you can maneuver easily. You also want one that has cup holders, a sturdy handlebar, and the option to recline. Your child will get tired, so the recline option comes in handy when you want to lean them back to take a nap. There are many different brands to choose from. Some of the most trustworthy ones are Chicco, Activ3, City mini, and Graco.

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