Jitterbug Cell Phone Designed for Senior Citizens

Finally, a cell phone designed for senior citizens that is easy and practical to use. With a simple design, large numbers, and an amplified speaker, elderly, vision-impaired, and those with decreased hearing can use a smartphone with ease. eBay offers a variety of simple and affordable flip phones.

What advanced features does the Jitterbug phone offer?

Those who would like to take advantage of the Jitterbug's advanced options can. Instead of deciphering icons, the Jitterbug's operating system uses YES and NO buttons. All numbers are larger than a traditional smartphone, are backlit for use in dim lighting, and highlighting a contact's name provides the user with voice-dialing options.

Instead of going to a storefront or calling customer service on the phone for help, senior citizens can simply dial 0 on the Jitterbug cell phone. An operator will answer the call and provide one-on-one advice and technical support to seniors. Operators can help with a variety of issues. They can even dial a phone number for the caller like operators did in the past.

Is the Jitterbug cell phone compatible with hearing aids?

The Jitterbug smartphone was created to meet the needs of senior citizens with hearing impairments. Not only is the smartphone compatible with hearing aids, but it also the highest hearing aid compliance rating on the market. At M4/T4, the phone is guaranteed to work with all hearing aids, which means users won't miss a word of what the other person is saying. In addition to the rating, the phone also has a number of speakers, which make hearing every word of a conversation easier, including an:

  • Earpiece speaker
  • External speaker
  • Speakerphone button
  • Microphone
What accessories are available?

Like most smartphones, the Jitterbug comes with some accessories in the box. Additional accessories can be purchased to meet unique needs. Accessories in the box include:

  • Plug-in battery charger
  • Activation card
  • Rechargeable battery
  • User guide
  • Charging cradle
How do you charge a Jitterbug phone?

Unlike a traditional smartphone, the Jitterbug cell phone doesn't require the use of charging cables. For some, dexterity issues interfere with plugging USB cables into ports in a phone. The Jitterbug comes with a charging cradle that eliminates this need. Instead, you place the cell phone directly into a charging cradle. An LED indicator allows the user to know when the phone is charging and when it is completely charged.

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