JBL 375 Compression Drivers Boost Vintage Sound

eBay offers affordable JBL 375 sound products for professional or recreational audio needs. With various product choices within the eBay Vintage Electronics category, the JBL driver platform completes your vintage listening experience. This product is designed to boost vintage sound quality and harmonics, reduce crossover distortion, and provide you with a "cool" and retro feel.

What are some of the JBL 375's capabilities?

The JBL 375 compression driver carries hallmark qualities for a small diaphragm loudspeaker generating sound within a horn loudspeaker. This is a speaker component, not a speaker unit. Music enthusiasts use the JBL 375 platform for midrange and tweeter functionality within high power sound reinforcement loudspeakers. These drivers are also used for reflex or folded-horn loudspeaker functionality within megaphones and public address systems. You want that critical sound reinforcement within large rooms, and the JBL 375 enables that reinforcement. These are known as vintage components for the classic audiophile. The 375 was originally used in professional theater systems, then it was later used as the heart of consumer speaker systems. Musicians and listeners value the JBL 375 sound as the most refined of any horn driver available. It is rated to handle the all-important frequency range from 500Hz to 10 kHz. It has a smooth and effortless response with clarity, delivering high sound pressure levels.

How can you pair the JBL 375 to active devices?

Vintage music enthusiasts know that driver pairing to speakers, woofers, and tube amps requires knowledge of your active device specifications. Size, amp capacity, and port connectivity features all apply. Careful pairing is needed to negate any crossover distortion, blowback, heat degradation, or similar. Specifically, many high power solid state amps display problems with crossover distortion. You want to purchase your "horn system" (driver) after pairing different amps along with the existing amp. The low power requirement of horns means that single ended tube (SET) amps can easily fill a room with sound. Some SET design output high levels of distortion that can be easily heard on the horn system. The horn gets the blame. Careful pairing fit is key.

What JBL 375 features are available?

Various compression driver products found on eBay may feature:

  • Hex head
  • Bolts
  • Woofer
  • Tweeter
  • Cabinets
  • Stereo system
  • Cords
  • Cables

Select the correct JBL 375 fit for your commercial or personal audio need. Sit back and enjoy vintage sound with modern convenience.

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