Jaybird is a headphone company that offers sweat-proof earbuds. Because athletic buds and headphones can be available in numerous different sizes and shapes, it is crucial to identify which size and type of headphone best works with your listening habits, and whether you want a completely wireless model or a wired headset version.

What are some features of wireless headphones?

When searching for a pair of Jaybird headphones, consider whether or not you want to transition to wireless headphonest. When going wireless, the user can be completely mobile with full use of hands and head motion without the fear of snagging wires on clothing or outdoor obstacles.

  • No more cables: These earbuds also offer the ability to quickly take out and put in without having to untangle wires first. Additionally, Bluetooth signals require little energy to power the headphones.
  • Sound: With the advent of Bluetooth, users can get the same sound on these headphones that they could with wired models. These models also typically offer noise cancelling abilities.
  • Assistance with phone calls: These headphones can allow users to easily answer phone calls with a voice command or a press of a button, allowing for easy access to otherwise missed calls.
  • Compatibility: These headphones now have the ability to sync up to numerous devices other than a cell phone. From computers to speakers, these models are designed to provide added listening flexibility, no matter the scenario.
What different models are there and what do they offer?
  • Run True Sport: Completely wireless. Offers 12 hour play time, 8 hour charge case, interchangeable tips, and integrated microphone for phone calls. Compatible with any Bluetooth device including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Android Wear Smartwatches, PC, Mac, and gaming devices.
  • Freedom 2 Sport: Except for the connecting wire that goes behind the neck, comes with 4-hour charge clip, offers eight hour play time, sweat and water resistance, and offers integrated microphone for phone calls. Compatible with the same devices as the Run True model.
What other features do the headphones offer?
  • Adjustable headbands.
  • Built-in on/off switch.
  • Extra bass.
  • Playback controls.
  • Replaceable ear tips.
How do you set up Jaybird headphones?

Because of the ability to lift the cord from the neck, they can be used in an under-ear style or over-ear. Because of this, there are two ways to set them up.

  • Sport fit: Lay the product in front of you with the inline remote on the left side. Switch the fins the other side that the fin with the “L” is on the side of the remote. Next, rotate the fins so that they are pointing downward. Place them in the ear with the cable resting over and around it. Secure the cable behind the head with the cord clips.
  • Casual fit: With the tips and fins attached, place them in firmly with the inline remote on the right side. Use the included shirt clip to secure them to the back of the shirt.
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