Your Complete Guide to the Jaybird Freedom Line of Headphones

Jaybird makes a number of different headphone models, with names like X3, SoundBuds, and Freedom. Jaybird Freedom headphones are designed with the active user in mind. They connect easily to your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device via Bluetooth.

What models are in the Jaybird Freedom line of headphones?

Jaybird has manufactured several different sets of headphones under the Freedom mark. Among the Freedom models available on eBay are:

  • Jaybird Freedom F5: This model is smaller than other Jaybird models with a sleek form factor. All-metal designs are available. These headphones have great passive noise isolation. You can get up to 8 hours of battery life from a 20-minute charge.
  • Jaybird Freedom 2: These are water-resistant, sweat-proof headphones with 4-hour playback on a single charge. An on-the-go charging clip gets you another four hours.
  • Jaybird Freedom Sprint: This is the official earbud of the USA Triathlon. Made for use during serious training, the earbuds are guaranteed not to suffer damage from sweat.
How do you pair Jaybird Freedom headphones?

Your Jaybird Freedom headphones pair easily with many different digital devices via Bluetooth. The exact pairing process might vary slightly based on the specific Freedom model you own, but it's generally pretty straightforward:

  • Set Mode: With the earbuds turned off, within three feet of the music device, press and hold the pairing key on the headphones. A voice prompt will say something like "Searching for music device."
  • Device Bluetooth: On your music device, turn Bluetooth on and set it to search for Bluetooth devices nearby.
  • Select: Find Jaybird Freedom on the music device and select it.
  • Voice Confirmation: A voice prompt on the headphones should confirm the connection.
Can you use standard USB chargers to charge Jaybird Freedoms?

Jaybird uses a proprietary port size for purposes of charging its Freedom headphones. It's a slightly different size and shape than the standard sizes that many phones and other devices use. If you're looking for a charger to charge your Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth headphones, eBay has many available.

How do you pick the right Jaybird Freedom model?

The different models of Freedom headphones by Jaybird have different qualities that might be appealing, depending on the situation of the buyer. If you're looking for serious training headphones, the Freedom Sprints might be best, whereas for people who simply want reliable, lightweight headphones for active use, the F5s or Freedom 2s might be sufficient. The selection of Freedom headphones on eBay lets you find a pair that's right for you.

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