Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack is a producer of clothing for young children. Their shirts, pants, dresses, and other clothing is crafted with fabrics like cotton, twill, and linen. Janie and Jack creates girls and boys clothing for special occasions or everyday events.

What clothing sizes do Janie and Jack carry?

The following sizes are available for both boys and girls:

  • Infant: Infant apparel is available for premature infants below seven pounds. They also have newborn sizes and normal infant sizes up to 24 months.
  • Toddler: 2T and 3T sizes are available for toddlers of all genders.
  • Children's: In the children's sizes, Janie and Jack offer clothes in a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12.
  • Adult's: Occasionally, the store also offers limited edition clothing in adult sizes. Their adult clothes are available in a standard range from XS to XL.
How do you clean Janie and Jack clothes?

Janie and Jack garments are almost all entirely machine washable and machine dryable. A few exceptions may be some of the wool coats, suits, tulle dresses, and blazers. You can check the tag in any piece of clothing to get details about the temperatures and washing methods for the garment.

What holiday clothes are made by Janie and Jack?

You can shop at the Janie and Jack store to get classic holiday outfits. You can find apparel for many holidays at Janie and Jack. Examples are:

  • Easter: During the spring season, Janie and Jack offers pastel-colored clothes. They may feature Easter themes like bunnies, flowers, and eggs.
  • Mother's Day: For Mother's Day, Janie and Jack sells matching mother and daughter outfits.
  • Christmas: Janie and Jack offers traditional Christmas outfits that feature satin and velvet in red, green, and gold shades.
  • Halloween: The company has small Halloween-themed shirts and some small costume accessories.
Does Janie and Jack have any products besides clothes?

The company provides more than just children's clothes. Boys and girls can also shop for accessories available at Janie and Jack. Accessory options include:

  • Shoes: The company sells small shoe sizes for infants.
  • Hats: Younger sizes have straps to hold the hats on babies' heads. There are also larger sizes for older children.
  • Hair Accessories: To accessorize your child's hair, the company has headbands, hair ties, bows, and clips.
  • Socks: Sock options include socks, tights, and stockings.
  • Bags: Your children can wear the backpacks, handbags, and purses available.
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