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JVC Home Audio Stereo Receivers

Improve Your Listening Experience With a Vintage JVC Stereo System

While it seems most things in our everyday lives are going digital, from photos to music, many still enjoy the history and quality of vintage items. If you have a CD collection that you are dying to have played over an amazing speaker system, you should check out the JVC stereo systems available on eBay. The JVC HX-GD8 five-disc CD changer is for anyone looking for vintage quality stereo system.

What are the specifications of the speaker system?

A five-disc CD changer has to have great sound quality to make it worth the purchase. Here are the specs for the JVC stereo system:

  • 550 Total Watts.
  • Subwoofer is 195W x 2 min with RMS driven into 6 ohms at 63 Hz.
  • Main Speaker is 80W x 2 min with RMS driven into 6 ohms at 1kHz.
  • TDH is no higher than 10%.
What features does the JVC home stereo system have?

The JVC HX-GD8 five-disc CD changer features smart random play, continuous play, random play, preset stations, multi-amp configuration, rotary volume control, tray lock function, dual dubbing cassette deck, AV computer link, rolling pick up and video output. There are three modes called Rock, Pop, and Classic, as well as three manual modes that can be programmed by you. There is also a three-way bass reflex that includes a 5 3/8 inch (13.5cm) Cone Woofer, 2 inch (5cm) Cone Tweeter, and 7 7/8 inch (20cm) Cone Subwoofer.

What does the JVC HX-GD come with in the box?

The package includes a CA-HXGD8 Component block, 2 SP-HXGD8 speakers, four 6.5 speaker wires, wireless remote control. 2 "AA" batteries, AM loop antenna, FM wire antenna, 6.5 composite video cord that includes RCA plugs on each end, and instructions. It also includes a feature card, notice sheet that talks about turning off demo mode, a caution sheet, important product safety instruction, and product registration card/questionnaire.

How big is the vintage JVC stereo system?

The speakers weigh 22.1 pounds in total. Each speaker is 9 1/3 inches wide, 18 inches high, and 16 1/16 inches deep (240mm x 457mm x 407mm).

The component weighs 23.2 pounds. It is 8 1/8 wide, 14 5/8 inches high, and 17 1/16 inches deep (205mm x 370mm x 432mm). This means the system has a total weight of 45.3 pounds.

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