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Your Guide to JBL Bookshelf Speakers and Subwoofers

Los Angeles-based loudspeaker company JBL Audio is known for its series of bookshelf speakers and subwoofers with high outputs that also maintain clear quality sound in the bass. Useful for a number of situations from a home theater system to DJing in a club, JBL bookshelf speakers are an option to consider for a more complete audio experience.

What are the key features of JBL bookshelf speakers?

JBL audio bookshelf speakers can add to the home theater experience if you want to achieve a surround sound effect. Features that contribute to the listening experience include:

  • 88 dB sensitivity
  • 8 ohms of nominal impedance
  • Up to 150 watts of maximum power

When used along with a JBL audio amplifier to adjust for the correct settings, the bookshelf speakers can generate a cutting, mid-range sound.

What are the key features of a JBL audio subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a speaker that is designed specifically for creating low bass frequencies that many average speakers are unable to pick up. Also known as a "woofer," these speakers are a common addition to home theater systems and cars. There are a number of features that help the subwoofer sustain high-quality sound for an extended period of time. These include the following:

  • Carpet enclosure for wear and tear
  • Dual subs that handle as high as 500 watts RMS
  • 94 dB sensitivity
Can you add a subwoofer to a bookshelf speaker?

Yes, subwoofers can be added to bookshelf speakers. They act as an amplifier for low-end sounds that are harder for a bookshelf speaker to produce by itself. JBL woofers can supplement the bass when paired with one of its bookshelf speakers. By pairing the subwoofer with the speaker, the sound of the bass is amplified and able to access low-end frequencies that are otherwise impossible to reach with just the speaker alone. The richer sound that is produced is ideal for situations such as watching a movie in a home theater.

What are other general specifications of the subwoofers?

Other features that the subwoofers possess include power handling up to 500 Watts RMS and a frequency response of 25-75 hertz. The subwoofer contains aero-cooling features that make for a more reliable and longer lasting speaker. The voice coil diameter for the subwoofers are around 63 millimeters. The impedance is as high as 2-4 ohms with a 92 dB sensitivity rate.

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