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Collect a Piece of History With an Israel Stamp Collection

Israel issued their first stamp on May 16, 1948, and since that time, they have released many stamps. When you look for Israel stamps on eBay, you can find a wide variety of topical stamps from Israel. Therefore, you can add to an existing stamp collection or start a new hobby that you will enjoy.

Were any error Doar Ivri stamps issued?

Yes, you can find Doar Ivri stamps with errors on them, including:

  • Horizontal perforations missing - Some sets of 3 by 5 sheets of Doar Ivri stamps have the horizontal perforations missing. Instead, all perforations are found on the left side of these sheets.
  • Pale color - Some sheets of three-mil value stamps that were printed in an extremely light color.
  • Intense color - The color is very intense on some four blocks of three-mil value stamps.
  • Fold-over printing - The paper on some sheets of ten-mil value Israel stamps from 1948 did not feed through the machine correctly. These sheets have diagonal rouletting and some sheets do not have all the stamps.
Themes of Israel postage stamps

From 1948 to 1988, about 10% of all Israeli stamps for sale had archaeological motifs. However, you can find on eBay new and preowned stamps from Israel with many different themes including:

  • Women - Many women were honored on an Israeli stamp, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Haviva Reik, Hannah Szenes, Rachel Yanait Ben Zvi, Rivka Guber, Rene Levy, Zivia Lubetkin, and Sarah Aaronsohn.
  • Biblical characters - At least four different stamps were printed showing David and Moses, while the Israel Postal Service has printed at least three stamps featuring Asher, Benjamin, Dan, Gad, Issachar, Jacob, Levi, Judah, and many others.
  • Jewish holidays - There has been a new Rosh Hashanah stamp issued every year since 1948. Additionally, many other Jewish holidays have been the theme of affordable Israel stamps.
  • Flowers- Roses, cyclamens, aquilegia, and many other flowers have been printed on Israel stamps.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Masada, Acre-Akko, The Incense Route, Biblical Tels, and Tel Aviv have all been the subject matter of an Israeli stamp.
Did Israel issue any stamps in conjunction with other government entities?

Yes, in 1993, the Israel Postal Service issued a stamp in conjunction with Poland to honor the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Israel and the United States co-issued a Hanukkah stamp in 1996. You can find Shota Rustaveli honored on a postage stamp co-issued by Israel and Georgia. Another stamp you can find is the Theodor Herzl that was honored on an Israeli and a Hungary postage stamp in 2004. Along with the United Nations, an Israeli stamp was issued for International Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2008.