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Iron Maiden and Their Records

You’re a fan of Iron Maiden and you want to play their music like the old days. Iron Maiden fans are one of the most die-hard, heavy-metal enthusiasts in the world and many of them are still into the vinyl albums produced today.

What Makes Iron Maiden Different from Their Counterparts?

They are one of the pioneers of the new wave British heavy metal movement. While American heavy metal bands are expected to put on a show, Iron Maiden brings in a crowd just by showing up and playing their music. Here are some of their defining aspects:

  • They did not have as much radio or television support as other bands, but they are still one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history.
  • They’ve played over 2,000 live shows since they began their career and are still planning on playing more.
  • They are the inspiration for many younger heavy metal bands such as Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold.
  • They now have their own mobile game called "Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast".
  • They are still writing and recording and their last release was the "Book of Souls".

Why Should You Collect Iron Maiden Vinyl Records?

The band may be here to stay for now, but it might be a good idea to get as many of their vinyl records as possible. Fans have said that it's difficult to collect all memorabilia, but vinyl records may be easier to find. Here are some reasons why you should collect heavy metal rock vinyl records from Iron Maiden:

  • The original vinyl records of the band have appreciated in value since they were produced.
  • They are collectors' items worthy of keeping as a legacy of the band.
  • Records like the "Iron Maiden Brave New World" LP is rare and valuable and worthy of keeping in your collection.
  • Newer records like "The Final Frontier" was at the top of the music charts in over 28 countries, making it a collector's item for black vinyl collectors.
  • The "Number of the Beast" is also an important piece of their history because it was their first album to reach no. 1 in the UK.
  • You can also get the "X Factor" album because it is one of the underdogs in the band's long line of records.
  • Iron Maiden Box sets are also ideal because you can get as many of the albums and Iron Maiden LPs you can find.

How Can You Authenticate Iron Maiden Vinyl Records and Memorabilia?

It’s difficult to get all the legitimate merchandise you can find because the band doesn’t manufacture as much merchandise as other artists. Fans try to get at least one t-shirt at concerts, but the acquiring the rest of the memorabilia takes more than just a trip to the store. Here’s how you can collect the band’s treasured memorabilia:

  • For vinyl records, check to see if it was produced and manufactured by their record label, The Soundhouse Tapes.
  • For t-shirts, you need to authenticate it yourself by comparing the fabric, design, and placement of the prints to the ones that were sold in various concert tours.
  • For other luxury memorabilia, you can check with celebrity memorabilia experts who are certified to buy and sell these items.
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