Travel With Your Playlist Using an iPhone AUX Cable

Your iPhone can store a comprehensive assortment of files, music, and audiobooks that you can take with you anywhere. If you would like to access this media while you're traveling by car, you can use an iPhone AUX cable to pair your device with the speakers in the vehicle. eBay can show you a range of iPhone AUX cables and their main features.

How do you connect iPhone AUX cables to your vehicle?

AUX cables for the iPhone are one of the simplest ways to connect your cell phone to your car's electronics system. However, there are a few basic steps you'll need to take before the cables transfer data between the devices.

  • Insert the leads - Plug one end of the iPhone AUX cable into the headphone jack on the end of the phone. Insert the other lead into your car stereo's AUX-IN port.
  • Switch stereo modes - Locate the appropriate button on your radio and flip the switch to put it in AUX mode.
  • Adjust the volume - Use your iPhone to adjust the volume of the media you are playing. You can also change the stereo's volume as necessary.
What can an AUX cord do?

You know that an AUX cord for the iPhone can transfer its audio to your vehicle's stereo and speaker systems. Depending on the kind of technology in your car, this cable might be able to do other things for you as well. Some possible secondary uses for an iPhone AUX cable include:

  • Hands-free calling - If someone calls you on your iPhone while you are driving, you may be able to route the call through the car's system to hear and speak with the caller while driving safely.
  • Navigation - You can transfer the audio from any navigation apps on your phone to the speakers in your car. An AUX cable can help you use your iPhone to get accurate directions to your destination.
What types of cables are there?

eBay offers excellent deals on iPhone AUX cables in several colors or lengths. You can choose a color to match your car's interior or your phone. If you want to have more room to position the phone, you may wish to get a cable that is several feet in length. You can also choose an AUX cord that has LED status lights or braided construction.

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