Everything You Need to Know about Purchasing an Apple iPhone 5 Motherboard

Due to their nature, cellular phone components like motherboards are quite fragile. Power surges, overheating, and moisture are only a few ways to destroy it. Should you find it necessary to replace your motherboard, you can find deals for one on eBay.

How does a motherboard get damaged?

There are many ways in which you can damage your motherboard. However, accidental power surges are the most common way to damage your iPhone 5 motherboard. That happens when the electrical current temporarily boosts from the power outlet. This surge can "fry" internal phone components. Another sure way to destroy your motherboard is by submerging the phone in water or other liquid or getting it excessively wet. Being exposed to excessive steam can also cause similar issues Your phone is electric, and water and electricity do not mix. A few other ways you can damage your iPhone 5 motherboard are:

  • Dropping it from high places
  • Overcharging
  • Rooting it (similar to jailbreaking)
  • Resulting from repairs to other internal parts
  • Washing it with your clothing
Why would you replace a motherboard that is not damaged?

There are a few reasons to replace your undamaged motherboard. Not only are motherboards cell phone specific, but they are cellular-provider specific. That means that if your phone works with one cellular company, it will not work with a different cellular company. If you want to change cellular companies but do not want the expense of a brand-new phone, you could replace the motherboard with one that is compatible with your new company.

What does a motherboard do?

A motherboard is the "brains" of your phone. It contains the memory, the central processing unit, and it operates all the peripherals of your phone. Sometimes, only part of the motherboard suffers damage, and some components like lighting or sound still work. Should you damage the entire motherboard, you'll know it immediately because your phone will not work at all.

What comes with this iPhone 5 motherboard?

All you need to replace your motherboard is included with this kit. This iPhone 5 motherboard includes the motherboard itself along with all the necessary iPhone-specific tools. These tools include tiny screwdrivers, prying tools, suction cup, and tools to release the SIM card. If needed, you can easily find replacement motherboard kits for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 as well as any extra tools on eBay.

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