Protect Your iPad with an iPad 5 Cover Case

Whether you want to accessorize your iPad, protect it, or both, choose from hundreds of options to keep your iPad stylish and safe. Choose cases that fit your work or personal needs all in the same place. iPad covers are made with technology that keeps smudges, scratches, and dirt away from your electronic device, and there are plenty of iPad 5 cover cases to choose from on eBay.

How does the iPad case protect your iPad 5?

Shockproof cases are great options for keeping iPads safe and sound during use. Features include the following:

  • Hard shell and soft shell - The dual shell combines to create shock-absorbing safety around your device. These soft and hard shells are made with silicone, gel, and rubber. They fit well around each other and will not slip off the device or stretch out.
  • Holes for ports and logo - The case features port holes that will never cover iPad ports. Easily connect chargers and headphones. There are also cut-out holes on the back of the case for clear camera usage and a clear view of the logo.
  • Kickstands and handles - Some iPad 5 cases come with kickstands and handles for easy movie-watching and carrying.
Can you get kids' cases for the iPad 5?

Yes, there are many iPad cases that are made specifically with kids in mind. Choose from cases with handles for kids to carry their iPads easily. Cases with cute and colorful designs will match their personalities. Cases also come with shockproof protection technology in case of accidents.

Which iPad 5 covers come with a stand?

Examples of iPad cases that comes with a stand:

  • Soft leather smart case covers - These cases are made with beautiful leather in stylish colors. The case opens up and folds to prop the iPad into position. This option is great for keyboard use. These cases are also wonderful for video chatting without all the motion of holding them in your hands. When finished, they fold back up into a portfolio style and stay closed with a hidden magnet inside the leather.
  • Kids' shock-proof foam cases with handles - These include protective dust and dirt covers, made from EVA foam, that are shockproof. Their easy grip handles fold down into stands for kid-friendly entertainment purposes.
  • Shock-proof rubber cases with kickstands - These feature kick-out stands that click in and out of the back of the cases. Their hard shells protect iPads from drops and dirt.