Collecting International Souvenirs and Memorabilia

Whether you have a passion for specific international souvenirs or memorabilia or you see them as investments for the future, you need to find the ones that suit your needs. Part of this requires knowing what those needs are, while another significant part involves understanding how to evaluate the memorabilia you come across. To build your collection, browse through eBay's affordable array of different souvenirs and memorabilia.

Choosing international memorabilia and souvenirs by location

One common and effective way to build a collection of new or used international mementos and souvenirs is to choose a single foreign location you're particularly attracted to. You can then collect all the souvenirs and memorabilia from that place. You can buy souvenirs from European countries, like Paris mementos and English memorabilia on eBay, or you can get souvenirs and memorabilia from other places. Various countries and regions you might consider include:

  • Africa
  • Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • China
  • Japan
  • The Middle East
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • South America
  • Southeast Asia
How do you choose international souvenirs by type?

Instead of building a collection of souvenirs and memorabilia from a single foreign locale, you can select a particular type of souvenir or memento you like and collect them from different countries. Common types of international souvenirs and memorabilia found on eBay include:

  • Housewares - Plates, spoons, mugs, coasters, salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, clocks
  • Clothing - T-shirts, hats, skirts
  • Travel items - Brochures, tickets, maps, menus, matchbooks
  • Accessories - Stickers, decals, patches, pins
  • Art - Wall art, table art, garden art
Qualities to look for in international collectible souvenirs and memorabilia

Whatever your collection goals and preferences, there are certain qualities to evaluate in any collectible item you consider buying, including:

  • Scarcity - How rare or abundant is a particular collectible? The harder it is to find, the more it will likely cost. The rarer it is, the more valuable it potentially could be and become.
  • Condition - Even if you're just planning to display it on a shelf, a collectible souvenir or item of memorabilia simply looks better in perfect, new, or as-new condition. The existence of tears, stains, creases, scratches, and other imperfections can affect both an item's aesthetic and investment appeal.
  • Item location - When buying international collectible souvenirs and memorabilia, the location of the international eBay seller can play a significant role in the practicality of your purchase. Always remember the impact that shipping will have on your collecting activities.