Feel the Muscle: Classic International Harvester Scouts for Sale on eBay

Build to outlast several years, International Harvester Scout is among the pioneers of off-road vehicles. You can still buy an original Scout at a reasonable price on the eBay platform.

Which variations of International Harvester Scout models can you find on eBay?

While there are variations in the design of new and preowned International Scout models, three generations of Scouts for sale are easily identifiable:

  • First generation: Produced as an alternate to Jeep, the first model Scout 80 was rolled out between 1960 and 1965. Removable sliding side windows, a fold-down windshield, vacuum windshield wipers, and a 152 hp four-cylinder engine was its mainstay.
  • Second generation: In 1965, Scout 800 replaced the original vehicle. The new model was designed for comfort, as there were bucket seats, better instrumentation, improved heating, and an updated dashboard. To improve sales, the model was marketed with I4, I6, and V8 engines.
  • Third generation: The last generation was manufactured between 1970 and 1980. Dubbed as Scout II, it mostly included features similar to the second generation IH Scout for sale; however, it is easily distinguishable by three horizontal bars on the main grill and chrome rings around the headlights.
Variations offered in Scout II

When looking for a classic International Scout for sale, you may come across a variety of upgraded versions. Among these is a variant produced by Custom Vehicles Incorporated. It produced models such as Midnitestar, Terrastar, Travelstar, Shadow, Raven, and GMS that were highly customized versions of Scout II. A factory-produced model, known as Selective Edition, is also well-known among collectors. It is distinguished by gold spoke wheels, gold accent spikes, and lots of interior mechanical features.

Among rare models are Spirit of 76 and Patriot models. The Spirit was a soft-top vehicle that had either blue or red top complemented by the blue interior. In contrast, Patriot was a hard-top vehicle available in Terra and Traveler models. A luxury Midas Edition was also built on a contract basis. Similarly, other rare variations of Scot II includes Special Limited Edition RS Scout and Shawnee Scout.

Engine specifications

A variety of engines are used in International Scout models. The first generation was powered by a 152-horsepower, four-cylinder engine, but plenty of options were available in models after 1965. Engines options for second-generation and subsequent models included a gasoline-powered 196-horsepower, four-cylinder engine and upgraded variants using V6 and V8 engines. Diesel engines used in models after 1976 were Nissan SD 33 and turbodiesel engines.

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