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Ford F-150 Car and Truck Interior Trim

The Ford F-150 is a high-quality truck that comes in a variety of trim levels. The inside of this vehicle is typically crafted with multiple types of accessories and interior items. Understanding these elements can help you decide which ones are right for your car.

What Ford F-150 trim levels are available?

Before considering any items for your Ford F-150, it is important to know the Ford F-150 trim levels that are available on the market. These typically include the base model, which is known as the XL. This item will lack many of the amenities of higher Fords, such as chrome plating, Bluetooth connectivity, and total temperature control.

Higher level Fords include the XLT, Lariat, Raptor, King Ranch, and Platinum models. By the time you reach Platinum, your Ford should have a multitude of inside amenities, including warmed seats and steering wheels and safety products like a Ford lane-keeping system.

What kind of parts make up a Ford F-150 interior?

Most interior items are designed to create an aesthetic improvement for your Ford vehicle. For example, chrome trim is typically designed for pickups of higher trim levels, such as the XLT or King Ranch. However, most items for a car's inside also have an important part they play in the safety and durability of a vehicle.

For example, cup holders help to store your drinks in a way that prevents distractions while you are driving. Most F-150 cup holders are located near the radio and pop out of the inside of the dash. Other products to consider include various door handles, window cranks, switches for your HVAC system, brake pedals, and other crucial elements of your Ford.

Which parts are unique to a Ford F-150?

While the F-150 will share many parts with other types of Fords, other trim levels will have items unique to this Ford. For example, the 2009-2014 F-150 has a scuff plate protector that is designed to keep the bottom of your door from getting scraped or scratched. Those who drive a Ford F-150 in tough situations require this type of item.

Other types of unique Ford F-150 items include a 2015-2018 threshold step pad, a 2009-2014 dashboard glove box, a 2004-2008 side front pillar, 2012-2014 embroidered door mats, and a 2006-2009 EcoBoost control system. The year of the truck is important because it can dictate the size and location of many of these Ford items.

What Ford F-150 upgrades are available?

Upgrading your Ford F-150 usually requires specifying what types of items you want to be added to your standard features. For example, the F-150 XLT has adaptive cruise control that is designed for off-road driving. It also has a leather design that makes your vehicle more comfortable.

Other upgrades to your Ford F-150 interior include dual-zone air conditioning, automatic transmission changes, boosts to your motor operation, voice-activated controls, and a SuperCrew extended cab for extra seating.