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Nissan Maxima Car Interior Switches and Controls

The Maxima has been a mid-sized, compact, and full-size car at different points since Nissan introduced the car in 1982. The type of interior switches and controls needed for Maxima vary depending upon the vehicle's eight generations, trim level, and edition. Replacements, upgrades, and repair components are available for Nissan Maxima interior windows, power locks, steering controls, seat switches, and car audio and temperature controls.

What are the Maxima door and window switches?

Nissan Maxima interior door and window switches vary depending on model year and level of accessories. Power door locks are controlled by a master door switch on the driver's side door, and master door switch replacement parts with complete consoles and connectors are available. Replacements for interior passenger door and window switches, locks, and controls are also available.

Can Maxima steering column control switches be repaired?

The Nissan Maxima uses a combination switch on the steering column to control headlights, turn signals, low and high beams, and windshield wipers. Problems may occur in any portion of the multifunction stalk/switch controls and can be repaired or replaced. Repairs and replacements may be made by removing the central steering column starting with the driver's side airbag and defective controls and replacing them.

Are there replacement temperature controls for Nissan Maxima?

Depending on the Nissan Maxima year and interior equipment, replacements for climate and temperature controls may be replaced with complete consoles, or individual parts, including knobs and switches. Climate control housings may be acquired complete with bezels and housings or as control button and switch units, which fit into the housing. Selecting by model year and type of fitment, including premium Maxima editions, should ensure the correct replacement part.

Are there OEM steering column paddle shifters for Maxima?

Nissan Maximas with an electronic steering column are equipped with steering column paddle shifters, which enable gear shifting with a single touch. Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, replacement paddle shift parts may be had for repairs or upgrades on seventh-generation Nissan Maximas, which are equipped with the feature. Nissan Maximas from 2009-2014 may have the paddle shifting feature.

Can Maxima steering wheel control switches be replaced?

Cruise control, audio, and other switches found on Nissan Maxima steering wheels may be replaced. Replacement of the Nissan Maxima's steering control buttons and switches is accomplished by removal of the steering fascia and driver's side airbag. Kits may be had with buttons and connectors in addition to switches, bezels, and fascia.