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Nissan Altima Interior Switches and Controls

The Nissan Altima sedan's interior switches and controls give you direct access to many of the systems in your car. When you need to replace any of the switches, you have many options for replacement parts and can upgrade switches and controls any time.

How do you choose replacement switches for the Nissan Altima?

There are many options when you need to replace a switch or control in your Nissan Altima. Following these guidelines can be helpful when selecting replacement parts:

  • Select replacement parts that are compatible with your vehicle. You will need to know the make, model, and year of your car. You may also need to know the production date of your Nissan Altima. In some cases, the manufacturer may change the parts used in the middle of a production year.
  • Choose a brand. You can choose from a variety of aftermarket and OEM parts that are compatible with your Nissan Altima.
  • Choose features that you want for the replacement switches and controls. You can select from stock replacements or upgrades that can enhance or change how the controls work in the interior of your Nissan Altima.
What types of controls are there for your Nissan Altima?

Your Altima has many different controls and switches that allow you to control the various systems in your car. Understanding what types of switches you can get will help with making a selection.

  • The hazard and fog lights are controlled by push button switches. Pressing the buttons will turn the lights on while pressing a second time will deactivate the lights.
  • The door locks and windows of your Nissan are controlled by individual rocker switches that let you roll the windows up and down along with locking the doors.
  • The fans and some lights in your Nissan are controlled by rotary switches that you turn clockwise or counterclockwise to increase and decrease the intensity.
What are some features of upgrade switches and controls?

Upgrading the Nissan Altima’s interior switches and controls can enhance your vehicle. Some upgrades allow you to customize the interior of your car with switches that have a different appearance. Some controls add additional features or control new safety systems that you install in the car. Other replacement parts make your Nissan Altima more accessible to people who have disability needs.

What companies manufacture switches and controls for the Nissan Altima?

When you need to replace a control or switch in your Nissan Altima, you have several manufacturers to choose from. If you would like to select from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), you can select from parts made by Nissan. With OEM parts, they are manufactured by the same company that produced the factory installed parts.

Beck/Arnley, Standard Motor Products, Dorman, and other companies make aftermarket interior switches and controls that are compatible with your vehicle. When selecting aftermarket parts, you may need to make adjustments to make the parts fit in your Nissan Altima. There are several unbranded replacement parts as well.