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Honda Pilot Car & Truck Interior Switches & Controls

Honda's largest SUV, the Pilot, was introduced into North America in 2002. With three rows of seating, the Pilot can accommodate up to eight passengers and comes in a variety of trim editions and vehicle configurations. Interior switches and controls for Honda Pilot cabins may be selected by model year, generation, trim level, and color.

Are there steering-wheel switch assemblies for Pilot?

Depending on Pilot generation and year, replacement assemblies with switches and keys may be replaced in a single unit. Switch assemblies may also be replaced with matching leather-trim wheels and with or without airbags. Wheel switch-button assemblies are ordered by generation, year and color, and are available as aftermarket, genuine Honda, and OEM parts. Complete wheel switch-button assemblies for the SUV should include connectors, wire pigtails, bezels, and housings.

Are replacement ignition switches available for the Honda Pilot?

Replacement ignition lock switches, also called ignition lock cylinders, for the Honda Pilot interior are available as aftermarket, OEM, used, and new original Honda parts. The ignition switch should come with keys already inserted for Pilot models with key ignition systems and should match year and trim of your Honda vehicle.

Are interior control switches available for the Pilot?

The Honda Pilot interior has a number of control switches, including a master switch for lights, and on third-generation minivans, controls for Bluetooth, HomeLink, HondaLink, smart entry system, and the windows and doors. Switches and controls for the doors, windows, and the moonroof are available for Honda Pilot minivans with these features. Wiper and light-control switches, as well as switches controlling second-row seating, heated seats, and power door and window switches, may also be ordered as genuine Honda, aftermarket, and OEM parts.

Are used interior switches and controls for Pilot available?

A number of options for replacement of Honda Pilot switches and controls are available as used parts. Used parts may be recovered and may also be reconditioned. Used parts for fog and driving-light controls, ignition controls, turn signals, and power door and window controls may be purchased for the Pilot.

Can turn-signal stalks be replaced on Honda Pilot?

The Honda Pilot turn signal switch assembly is located on the side of the steering wheel, and it may be replaced in case of failure. Replacement parts should be selected by year and trim of your Pilot SUV and should include a wire pigtail and connector. The parts will also include cruise control, windshield-wiper controls, and turn-signal controls, and will be offered as aftermarket, OEM, or genuine Honda stock parts.