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Ford F-150 Car and Truck Interior Switches and Controls

Ford F-150 interior switches are built for a variety of trucks, and the hardware can simplify general operational tasks in the cabin. Many products are available for seats, mirrors, ignition components, and other gadgets that are equipped in a Ford truck. Most switches and controls fit 1990s trucks and automobiles that were built throughout the 2000s.

What kinds of dash and seat switches are available?

Multiple dash switch products are available for 1990 to 1992 F-150 trucks. These units are constructed out of a durable metal material, and two convenient buttons are mounted on the housing. One of the buttons manages 4 by 4 operations, and the other mechanism is designed for low range tasks. Power seat hardware fits many Ford F-150 trims. A typical device has several easy-to-use buttons that operate the mechanisms that lower and lift the seats in a Ford vehicle.

What are the design specs for a window switch?

Window switches that fit 2004 to 2008 F-150 automobiles are available, and these products are designed with a variety of buttons that interact with different window mechanisms. These items are efficient because they're equipped with a circuit board that matches the hardware in a Ford truck. Most window switches have different design specs and measurements that suit the design scheme in a cabin. Products that are built for 1999 to 2002 trucks have a compact housing with two buttons, and master power window switches have four buttons. Ford F-150 master power hardware products are available for 2004 to 2008 trucks.

Are products available for brakes and mirrors?

Brake controller products that manage trailer braking mechanisms are options for 2015 to 2017 automobiles. The hardware that operates the braking components mounts in the cabin underneath the dash, and the electrical circuits are always protected because they're strategically secured in a module. The available mirror switches can boost safety when the trailer braking hardware is used. These products can adjust the left or right mirrors that are mounted outside of the cabin.

What are the knob and engine options?

Automotive headlight knobs for Ford vehicles are designed with a heavy-duty housing. Knobs for super duty vehicles are available for the entire range of 1997 to 2003 trucks. Cruise control switches for engines fit many Ford F-150 automobiles. All of the wiring that's needed to equip the hardware in a Ford vehicle cabin is included with a steering cruise control gadget.