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Ford Bronco Car & Truck Interior Switches & Controls

The interior switches and controls in your Ford Bronco are your access point to the vital inner workings of your truck. Without switches and controls that are maintained in optimal working order, your Bronco might break loose from the bridle and buck your commands. Keep a firm grip on the reins for the switches, knobs, gadgets, and doo-dads that will keep your Ford Bronco safely under control both on the road and in the stable.

What types of Ford Bronco interior switches are available?

There are as many switches and controls lining the surfaces of your Ford Bronco as there are functions that your truck performs. In the dashboard area, you’ll find knobs and sliders to control the climate in your vehicle as well as headlight and windshield wiper controls. Also available are switches to control the turn signals, engage four-wheel drive (if equipped), or even lower and raise the tailgate in certain models. Beyond the dash, you’ll also find a conglomeration of controls on the door-mounted armrests of both the passenger and driver side doors. These buttons generally control the locks and power windows in your Bronco and are just as easy to replace as the switches embedded in the dashboard.

How do you replace a Ford Bronco heater control panel?

It’s easy to replace the heater control panel in your Ford Bronco SUV. Just grab a flat-bladed tool and follow these simple steps to get started with a new unit:

  • Insert a flat-bladed tool between the center panel and the dash cover. Work your way around the edge of the bezel while gently prying outward with the tool until the center panel comes loose.
  • Pull the center panel and the radio out of the housing, and locate the bolts at the corner of the heater control panel. Remove the bolts, and pull the heater control panel out of the housing.
  • Disconnect the wiring from the back of the heater control panel, and discard the panel. Connect the electrical wiring to the back of the new panel, and insert it into the housing.
  • Insert the bolts into the corners of the heater control panel, and push the bezel and radio back into their sockets.
How do you install a Ford Bronco door switch panel?

Replacing the door switch panel in the driver or passenger door in your Ford Bronco is easy and only requires a flat-bladed tool. While instructions may vary slightly due to the year of manufacture, this should be a straightforward fix.

  • Locate the door switch panel on the Ford, and insert a flat-bladed tool between the panel and the door housing.
  • Gently move the flat-bladed tool around the circumference of the door switch panel while prying upwards.
  • Pull the door switch panel out of the housing, and disconnect the electrical wiring. Note the order of the electrical wiring before discarding the door switch panel.
  • Connect the electrical wiring to the new door switch panel, and push it into the housing. Press firmly around the edges to secure it in place.