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Cadillac Escalade Car and Truck Interior Switches and Controls

Cadillac Escalade car and truck interior switches and controls give you access to the different systems. When you need to choose a replacement or upgrade switch for your SUV, there are many options to choose from.

What types of switches are there for your Escalade?

There are different styles and designs of switches for your Cadillac Escalade. Understanding the different options can be helpful when you need to choose.

  • Hazard and fog lights both make use of push buttons to turn the lights on and off. This is the one of the simplest types of switches. Pressing them once activates the function, while pressing it a second time deactivates it.
  • Rocker switches are used commonly to control the locks and windows of your Escalade. These switches have two controls integrated into a single switch. When you press the upper part of the switch the window rolls up, while pressing the lower will retract the window.
  • The turn signals on your steering wheel utilize stalk types of switches. This style will sometimes be integrated into the steering wheel assembly.
What features are there for aftermarket switches and controls?

With aftermarket switches and controls, you can select from a variety of features. Some customization options include LED lighting on the switches and controls in different types of colors. Other aftermarket options will relocate the switches to an easier-to-access area in the car.

What are some tips for selecting switches and controls?

Following these tips can be helpful when you need to make a selection for your vehicle.

  • Select switches and controls that are compatible with your Cadillac. You will want to know the make, model, and year of your car. Sometimes the manufacturer will change the parts used in the middle of the production year. In these cases you may want to know the production date.
  • Select a style. You can choose from switches and controls that maintain the stock appearance of your car, or you can choose to customize your vehicle’s interior.
  • Select a brand. There are many factory direct options or you can choose from a variety of third-party aftermarket options.
What companies manufacture switches and controls for your Cadillac Escalade?

When you need to choose a replacement switch or control for your Escalade, there are many companies to choose from. If you prefer to use original equipment manufacturer parts, you will want to select from parts made by ACDelco, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and General Motors. With OEM replacements, the parts are built to the same factory specifications as the original parts installed on your car. JoyTutus, Advantech, Airtex, and other companies manufacture aftermarket options that may have a wider variety of options to choose from. With aftermarket options you may need to make minor adjustments so that the parts fit properly in your Cadillac. There are also several unbranded options to choose from that offer a competitive option.