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Acura TL Car and Truck Interior Mirrors

Having interior mirrors inside your car is important because those reflective surfaces help you keep your eye on any hazards or obstacles. Acura released the TL from 1997 through 2012 and issued a special-edition model the following year. You can replace the mirror in your Acura TL with one from Acura or another company.

What are the different types of rearview mirrors?

Every car has a rearview mirror attached to the windshield. This mirror has an arm that you can adjust to change where the mirror points. Adjustable designs let each person who drives your Acura TL keep a lookout behind them. In addition to stock mirrors that come standard on the Acura TL, you'll find other types, which include the following:

  • Connected mirrors: A connected mirror is one that uses a Wi-Fi signal to connect back to a roadside-assistance company, such as OnStar. When you press a button on the mirror, it automatically connects you to a rep from that company who can get help for you after an accident. To use any of these services, you'll typically need a subscription package.
  • Convex mirrors: Convex mirrors use a piece of glass that is convex and slightly rounded. The idea is that the glass allows you to easily see objects and people who are far away from your Acura TL.
  • Blind-spot mirrors: Interior mirrors can include a blind spot-mirror, too. This is a type of longer and larger glass that specifically targets your blind spots. Using one can help you see anything close to your Acura TL car.
What is an auto-dimming mirror?

An issue that some Acura TL owners have is that they cannot see the mirror clearly in dark or bright lighting conditions. While the reflective surface is quite bright at times, it can look too dark at other times. Acura auto-dimming mirrors have electronics inside. Those electronics detect the amount of available light around you and change the darkness of the mirror based on that light. You can see everything around the exterior of your Acura TL and everything in the interior too.

Are mirrors compatible across TL generations?

The Acura TL came out in four different generations. If you have an Acura TL produced between 1997 and 1998, you have a first generation Acura TL. Those produced between 2000 and 2003 are part of the second generation. Acura considers the third generation as lasting until 2008 and the fourth generation up through 2013. When you know what generation of Acura TL you have, you can more easily find a mirror for your specific model. Many of the aftermarket mirrors available are compatible across all generations.

What are unbranded mirrors?

Acura makes interior mirrors for each model and generation of the Acura TL, including the special-edition TL. Aftermarket companies, like ICBEAMER, make compatible interior mirrors for the Acura TL, too. Another option is an unbranded mirror. This is an interior mirror that’s compatible with Acura TL models. It may work with OnStar, have a built-in compass, or come with other useful features.