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Toyota Prius Interior Lights

Your Toyota Prius comes equipped with interior lights so that you can illuminate the interior of your vehicle when you need to view something. Over time, through normal use of your Prius, these lights may need to be replaced. You may also wish to install additional lighting if you need even more light than the Toyota Prius already provides.

What interior lights are inside a Toyota Prius model?

Your Prius has lights that come on when the doors open. They can also be turned on manually from inside the vehicle. In the event these lights are damaged, you will want to replace them.

  • Front seat lighting: There are lights above the rearview mirror that are accessible from the passenger or driver's seat of the Prius. These two lights may be used in tandem or independently of one another.
  • Back seat lighting: There is also a backseat light that comes standard with your Prius.
  • Trunk and glovebox: The trunk and console of your Toyota also have lights that turn on when opened so that you can see what you are doing.
How can you upgrade the lighting in your Toyota Prius?

If you want even more lighting than your Toyota Prius provides, there are several options for you to upgrade to make your vehicle even more functional. Most of these upgrades are LED lights, which produce a pure, bright light in your Toyota. These lights last a long time and use little battery power.

  • Basic upgrades: You can change the standard lights in your Toyota Prius to LED lights. These kits are usually easy to install and will simply require replacing the standard bulbs.
  • Additional upgrades: You may want even more light in your car. You can get LED packages to increase the lighting. For example, you may wish to add lights to the bottoms of the doors in the Toyota Prius in order to help you see when you open the door and get out. Or you may want even more lighting in the trunk area so that you can easily find things.
  • Fashion lighting: You may not need more lighting in your Toyota Prius, but you may want to add some fashion lighting. These LED lights come in a variety of colors and can be used to create ambient lighting for a unique driving experience.
How do you change the interior lights in a Prius?
  1. To replace either of the dome lights, you will need to first remove the plastic cover. It should pop off, but if it does not, you may want to use a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Replace the old bulbs in your Prius with your new ones.
  3. Replace the plastic casing.