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Jeep Comanche Interior Lights

Interior lights are crucial when you find yourself in a dark place and you just need to find or read something in your vehicle. They can also be used to light up panels, your dashboard, and much more. Stock up on some interior lights for your Jeep Comanche pickup truck so you can replace the ones you have if they go out.

What kinds of Jeep Comanche interior lights are there?
  • Dome light: This light is also called a courtesy light. It is found on the ceiling of the Comanche and comes on when you press a switch or when a door is opened. It helps you and your passengers get in and out of the vehicle safely and it saves you the aggravation of groping for necessities or seatbelts. In later trims, the Jeep's dome light stays on even after the doors are closed. They also dim gradually after the car's ignition is turned on.
  • Glove box light: This light comes on when you open the car's glove box. It is invaluable if you are pulled over and you need your car registration.
  • Engine compartment: This light comes on when you open the hood. It might save you having to find a work light if something in your vehicle needs fixing.
  • Under-dash light: The lights installed under the Comanche's dashboard or the front seats illuminate the floor.
  • Instrument panel light: The lights on your Jeep Comanche's instrument panel are vital interior lights. They let you see how fast you are going, the climate control, the fuel gauge, the entertainment system and much more.
  • Trunk lights: These lights make putting things in and taking them out of your trunk much easier if you are in a place with low light.
  • Roll bar: The roll bar runs up the sides and across the ceiling of your Comanche. The bar light attached to it can be detached to help you focus on a map or other item.
What types of bulbs are there for the interior lights?

Interior lights for your Jeep include incandescent lights, which use the heat and light of tungsten or carbon filaments. There are also LEDs, or light emitting diodes. These lights use semiconductors instead of filaments. They are very energy efficient and long-lasting.

Some alternative lights include neon strobe tubes installed beneath your dashboard that respond to your stereo system. There are also neon tubes you can install in the Jeep’s center console. You can also find kits that have bulbs for all of the interior places of your Jeep Comanche. Some lights can be found in vivid colors.