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Pontiac Grand Prix Interior Door Panels and Parts

Pontiac first presented the Grand Prix in 1962, and their coupes were on the market from then until 2002. The Grand Prix sedan was produced from 1988 to 2008. Within those parameters, Pontiac distinguishes the Grand Prix between seven generations. With a wide selection of interior door panels and parts to choose from, you can find what you need for your particular generation of Pontiac Grand Prix.

Are the interior door handles interchangeable?

The interior door handles are interchangeable between various packages, models, and years. There is one exception, and that is regarding whether the car has manual or automatic controls. The door handle parts vary between those two packages. You may choose to replace the entire handle kit rather than just the handle itself. The trim around the handles is specific to the interior color. For instance, red might be an option you choose for your 1962 Pontiac.

Are Pontiac Grand Prix door panels interchangeable between models?

They might be interchangeable between the packages within the same Pontiac Grand Prix generation, but that's not always the case. For example, the 1962 Grand Prix model will require a different door panel than the 1965 whereas the 2004 and the 2008 cars do share the same part. Front and rear are not interchangeable within any category. The front and rear do come complete with molded armrests in later models, but they're separate parts in earlier Pontiac Grands Prix.

Why won't the car window go down on driver's door?

There are a couple of possibilities that might require replacement. The power regulator is the part that controls the movement. It moves as the car window moves. The motor on your Pontiac Grand Prix is a stationary device that provides the power to the regulator. If you can hear the motor running when you attempt to adjust up or down, chances are the motor is functioning. There are also some combined part combinations.

What parts are required to change the interior door locks?

That depends on how the lock is malfunctioning within the door. If the door lock immediately unlocks after you've attempted to lock it, it may just require a part replacement of the cable. If, on the other hand, the electronic lock itself is not operating appropriately, you may need to replace the cylinder, which is located within the lock assembly. An assembly kit can be found to replace the entire door-locking system.