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Interior Door Panels and Parts for Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is a sport utility vehicle first released in 2002. This SUV has plenty of cargo space and room for you and your passengers. If anything happens to your Pilot's door, panels and other parts are designed specifically to fit this make and model.

What parts does a Pilot door have?

The Honda Pilot comes in different models like the EX-L and the Touring. No matter which type you buy or trim package you choose, you will find that the doors use the same basic parts. Knowing what those parts are can help you identify what you need.

  • Lock actuator: If your lock stops functioning, you may need a new actuator. This is a type of motor that causes the door to lock when you press a button on the panel. There is a motor that controls the window and lets the glass go up and down as well.
  • Lock: Some Pilots may come with manual locks that you press down and lift up on your own. While the top sticks over the panel, there is a chance that you might break off this piece. You can find replacements, however.
  • Trim: All of the pieces around the edges and side of the door are trim pieces. This includes the rubber seal that keeps things from falling inside the door and the panel itself.
  • Armrest: Having an armrest lets you sit in a comfortable position and support your arm as you drive. The armrest can break off in an accident, or can wear down from frequent use.
  • Handle: The Honda Pilot's door handles may have buttons on the top or space for buttons like your lock and window controls.
What is a clip set?

There are clips inside the door panels of your Honda Pilot. These clips are what hold the doors to the cars. Different vehicles use different types of clips, which is why you might need a set of these parts. A set will come with a variety of clips designed for use in different applications. Some come with a diagram that let you view how to use each one on your Honda Pilot.

Can you buy a whole door?

You can purchase an entire door for the Pilot, which is called a panel. This is a larger piece that features the trim and other components. It may come with the buttons, controls, and a lock. Panels come in different colors to match your Honda Pilot.

What are Honda OEM replacement parts?

Honda Pilot OEM replacement parts are parts that Honda makes for different types of Pilot vehicles. These are original Honda parts that the manufacturer designed for the SUVs that it makes. Unbranded parts and aftermarket products are also available for the Honda Pilot. While these parts will usually fit, the products come from other companies.