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Ford F-150 Interior Door Panels and Parts

Your truck door is an integral part of your Ford F-150's interior. You operate the windows, the locks, and the mirrors from it; speakers are housed in the door, and you rest your arm on it. If something goes wrong, there are plenty of parts available to fix it.

How are interior door panels attached to the door?

Panels are affixed to the doors through a set of clips that sit in the panel and clip onto the frame of the door. They are easy to break when maneuvering the panel, so it's generally a good idea to buy a set of clips before removing the panel.

What are some parts housed inside the door and panel?

Here are some examples of some of the parts that can be found in your Ford F-150's door:

  • Locking system: The locking mechanisms that operate the door locks, the motor, and the controls are housed in your F-150's door. These can be purchased individually or in sets that contain all the pieces.
  • Door opening system: Your Ford truck's door opens on a cable system that latches into the frame to keep the door closed and releases when the handle is pulled.
  • Window system and switches: Not only are the windows themselves seated in the door, but the system that raises and lowers them is also housed there as well. It's controlled by rocker switches seated in the panel. Any of these pieces can be replaced after opening up the panel.
  • Side mirror controls and motors: The controls that operate your side mirrors are usually found on the door panel. The motors that tilt the mirror up and down and side to side are also housed in the door.
  • Speakers: The front speakers are housed in the door panel. Sometimes, there is also a small speaker called a tweeter at the top of the door. The tweeter provides a heavier treble sound from the audio system. These speakers are connected to the audio system through a series of wires that are threaded through the door inside of a corrugated plastic sleeve.
  • Armrest: The armrest on the door can either be molded into the panel or be a separate piece. They can sometimes get cracked or broken, or the leather padding can get ripped or worn. Replacements can be found, and the rests may even be able to be replaced without removing the panel.