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Ford Expedition Interior Door Panels and Parts

All of the components of your Ford Expedition add benefits to your vehicle, ensuring that your Ford functions as it should and looks great as well. Door parts fall into the category of important components in your car, as they help protect the door interior and the parts and electronic systems it contains. Many door panels incorporate different features, come in a range of colors, and consist of numerous materials, ensuring that you can find the perfect option offered for your Ford Expedition.

What should you consider when looking for Expedition door panels?

Consider the following points when looking for door panels, to ensure that you receive the correct option for your Ford Expedition.

  • Location: Determine which part needs to be replaced in the front or back doors, and for which side you are buying the part.
  • Material and look: Choose a door panel that matches other design aspects and your style preference, since it can be made from a variety of materials and come in a variety colors.
  • Features: Pick a door panel with the correct features for your vehicle and particular door in your Ford Expedition, such as proper holes for the window and lock controls, speakers, storage compartments, and more.
How do you replace a door panel in a Ford Expedition?

It is quite simple to replace a door panel on your Ford Expedition without having to take it to an auto shop.

  • Remove the pieces connected to the original part, such as window switch bezels and handles, using a flat-head screwdriver or trim pry tool.
  • Unplug the window and lock wiring that are now visible.
  • Wedge in the pry tool and gently pry outward, releasing any of the clips that keep the part secured to the door. If screws are present instead of clips, simply unscrew these with the screwdriver.
  • Disconnect any connected wiring for the light and other parts as you move the old piece away from the door.
  • Reconnect the wiring for the new item, and test the connections to ensure that they work properly.
  • Press the new product against the door, and push in the clips or screw the bolts to secure it.
What materials are Ford Expedition door panels made from?

Door panels for a Ford Expedition may be made from a variety of materials that can give your Ford vehicle a distinctive look. Plastic is a very common material that can feature varying textures and colors. Other materials include wood, fiberglass, and various metals, allowing you to give your Ford a unique look with a touch of luxury.

What interior parts are there for Ford Expedition doors?

Many accessories can be incorporated onto the doors and covers of your Ford Expedition, increasing its functionality and aesthetics. Some of these parts include bin covers for storage, door handles of varying shapes and materials, door levers, lock levers, lighting, and more. Before purchasing these accessories, ensure that they are compatible with your Expedition model.