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Toyota Corolla Car and Truck Interior Consoles and Parts

Whether it is a pair of gloves, your cell phone, or just a quick snack, having the right essentials at the right time can make all the difference while you are driving. Your center console holds any item you need to access quickly while also providing a comfortable armrest to make those long journeys more relaxing.

What are the features of a Corolla's center console?

Your Corolla's center console is designed to be utilized in a number of ways. With several key features, your Toyota's center console serves as the hub of your activity while driving.

  • Large size: Your Toyota Corolla's center console has a generously sized storage area to ensure you can fit all your go-to essentials without having to leave anything loose in the cabin.
  • Easy-to-open: A large, ergonomically designed handle ensures you can quickly and easily open the center console to access what you need.
  • Powered: Many Toyota Corolla center consoles house an auxiliary power outlet so you can charge your phone or other portable electronics while keeping them safe and secure.
  • Wide opening: The hinges on the center console allow the cover to swing back far enough to ensure you can fit the bulkiest items in the console storage compartment.
  • Thick padding: For those long journeys, the console is equipped with a thick pad on the cover to serve as a comfortable armrest, helping to alleviate arm pain or cramping while you are on the road.
Who manufactures center consoles for Corolla vehicles?

Many of the center consoles you will find for your Toyota Corolla will be Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM models. You can find these both new and second-hand. Since the console has to be matched to the year, make, model, trim level, and interior color of the vehicle it's installed in, there are few generic aftermarket replacements. You can, however, purchase aftermarket accessories for your center console, including an extra armrest cushion for the top of the console and organizers to go inside the storage area to keep all your items readily accessible.

How do you replace a center console on a Corolla?

Given its proximity and connection to other components, replacing your Toyota Corolla's center console might take a little extra time, but it is well worth the effort involved.

  • Open your Toyota Corolla's center console, and remove the bolts holding it in place.
  • Remove the trim that goes around the parking brake and gear selector by undoing the clips.
  • Disconnect the power connection to the auxiliary outlet, and remove the entire center console unit.
  • Install the new unit by reconnecting the auxiliary outlet, snapping the clips in place and reinstalling the bolts.
  • Finally, check the operation of the auxiliary outlet, gear selector, parking brake, and center console storage unit to ensure proper installation of the parts.