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Pontiac Firebird Interior Consoles and Parts

All sorts of Pontiac Firebird parts and components for consoles exist, including doors, hinges, inserts, latches, plates, and ashtrays. Inserts and different finishes serve to customize consoles to a driver’s particular needs. Cleaning your console parts regularly will help maintain efficiency and longevity.

What sorts of console doors are there for Firebirds?

Pontiac Firebird console doors are typically rectangular and made from smooth, plastic composites of different varieties. Many models are black while some are a mottled brown and black. Others are white or available in colors like red and blue. Doors typically have hinges on one of the short sides, which means that the console opens vertically to expose storage inside.

What are some qualities of console hinges?

Console hinges for Pontiac Firebirds are typically black, a few inches long, and made from metal. They include places for screws in order to be attached to the top and body of the car console. When replacing the console hinge, check the rubber stoppers on the console as well. These prevent the top from slamming into the sides of the console. Rubber stoppers prevent scratching, dings, dents, and other damage to various parts.

What sorts of console inserts are available?

Pontiac Firebird console inserts serve to divide the console into different sections for organizational and convenience purposes. If a driver prefers to keep tech-related gadgets in one side and personal effects like lip balm or sunglasses in another, an insert would provide a way to separate the two types of supplies. This makes it easier to locate what a driver needs while driving and maintaining focus on the road.

What kinds of latches, plates, and ashtrays exist?

A variety of parts may be available for the year and model of your Pontiac car.

  • Console latches for Pontiac Firebirds are typically made from different kinds of metal or plastic and help to secure the top to the rest of the console. Latches come in a handful of different varieties that can be attached via screws or bolts.
  • Console plates cover Pontiac Firebird consoles to make them look smooth and sleek. Typically they are made from one type of finish for a uniform look but sometimes utilize metal or chrome trim for decoration. Map pockets and other accessories may be used in place of a console plate.
  • Ashtrays can be installed in place of or in addition to a center console for Pontiac Firebird drivers who smoke. The ashtray serves as a portable place to put cigarette butts while in the car so that drivers can be as at home as possible in their Pontiac Firebird.
How do you clean an interior console on a Firebird?

Interior consoles can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and warm water. If soap is needed to scrub out stains or spills, it can be used in conjunction with the warm water. Rinse with clean water and wipe the console dry with another soft cloth. Take care not to scratch the console with any debris caught in the cloths, especially if the console is plastic. Feel free to dust the console periodically to prevent buildup of debris, especially around or in an ashtray.