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Consoles and Parts for Lexus ES300

The Lexus ES300 is a midsize sedan that was manufactured by Lexus in 1991, 1996, and again in 2001, with each release providing new improvements for drivers. If you're working on your Lexus ES300 and are looking for parts to replace the current accessories, you can find a variety of replacement consoles and parts for Lexus ES300 in this wide selection of options.

What materials are used in the Lexus ES300's center consoles?

The exact material for your Lexus ES300's center console assemblies will depend on your vehicle's release date, specific model, engine, and trim style. Options available include leather, synthetic leather, plastic, nylon, suede, cotton, or a blend of other synthetic materials. Sturdy materials, such as leather and synthetic leather, are heavier and designed to be durable enough to last for years. While nylon and other synthetic materials are lighter and easy to clean.

What are the specifications for the shift console?

The console surrounding your ES300's transmission shifting system will be made out of materials designed to be easy to clean and durable, such as red wood with a clear protective coating. They are lightweight at only 1 pound, give or take an ounce based on your vehicle's specific model and trim. The dimensions are approximately 2 x 4 x 5 inches. When properly maintained and kept clean, they can last for at least several years and possibly the life of your car.

Is there a replacement for the upper console compartment?

If your Lexus ES300 has an upper compartment for glasses or other small items, you can find consoles designed to fit the upper body of your vehicle. They will be made out of hardened plastic or a blend of synthetic nylon. These consoles have dimensions of approximately 1 x 2 x 1 inches and a weight of less than half of a pound.

Are these replacement Lexus ES300 parts manufactured by Lexus?

You can find original replacement parts from Lexus as well as from other manufacturers that will fit the Lexus ES300 cars. The accessories manufactured by Lexus for your ES300, will have been made in the same factory and using the same materials as the original parts. Direct replacement parts from other manufacturers will be made in their factories, but could be made from different materials. The aftermarket performance parts for the ES300 may come from third-party brands with no connection to Lexus.