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Consoles Parts for Jeep Wrangler

Jeep is an American brand that produces a variety of automobiles. This company is well-known for its Wrangler vehicle model.

What is the purpose of a center console?

The center console is an automobile part located between the front driver and passenger seats. This part is commonly used to store items such as sunglasses, maps, bags, or other accessories. This component also doubles as a place to put your arms and elbows. These parts attach to the floor of a Wrangler, and they usually include multiple storage sections. Each section is accessed by pressing a different button. These components are also usually equipped with places to store beverages.

What types of center consoles and parts are offered?

Here are a few of the options offered when it comes to center consoles and accessories that are compatible with these components:

  • Security steel consoles: These components are made from thick security steel, and they come equipped with a locking mechanism. These measures are taken as a deterrent to theft. These components are available in black or tan to match the interior decor of your vehicle. They usually have a lock for each section of the component.
  • Foam armrest covers: These covers provide a layer of cushioning on the central armrest. They are offered in black and tan.
  • Textured armrest covers: These covers are designed to provide extra traction for objects placed on top of the armrest. They are also designed with comfort in mind:
  • Subwoofers: These subwoofers bolt to the bottom of these central components. A wire runs from the subwoofer to your stereo.
  • Cupholders: These accessories are installed toward the bottom of this central component. They usually come in packs of two.
  • Bases: These parts bolt to the floor. They are used as a base for this central component.
  • Lids: These parts cover the top of this central component. They are available in a number of colors to match the interior decor of your vehicle.
How do you install a replacement center console?

Follow these instructions to install a replacement component:

  1. If a base is already installed, simply place the replacement component on top of the base. If the component is properly lined up, it will click into place. Install the bolts to secure the component.
  2. Otherwise, begin by bolting the mounting brackets to the floor of your vehicle. There are usually four mounting brackets that are installed at each corner.
  3. Bolt the base of the component to the mounting brackets. Then, install the component itself on top of the base.
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