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Console Parts for Jaguar S-Type

The consoles in your Jaguar S-Type car provide a variety of storage compartments and cup holders for you and your passengers. There are different types of consoles in your Jaguar, and understanding the different options can help in the selection process. Here are some questions that may come up when making a selection.

What features can be found in a center console?

The center console of your Jaguar S-Type provides a variety of function and features for your vehicle. Understanding the features available can help with selecting a style that matches your needs.

  • Storage solutions: Many consoles have a lid that opens up to reveal a storage compartment. You can store items such as your cell phone, sunglasses, and other items that you want to keep out of sight.
  • Power outlets: Some older console options will have a cigarette lighter where you insert an adapter to power your electronic devices. Newer consoles will have USB outlets where you can power and charge your electronics without using an adapter.
  • Cup holders: This compartment can have anywhere from two to four holders for your drinks. Some cup holders will fold into the console.
What are some tips for selecting a Jaguar S-Type console?

Selecting a console for your Jaguar S-Type can be difficult with the many options available. Following these guidelines can be helpful with the selection process:

  • Access information: Research the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You may also want to get information on the production date of your vehicle. Sometimes the manufacturer will change the model or parts used in the middle of the year.
  • Select a style: When replacing a console that is built into your Jaguar, you may want to select a color and design that will match your existing interior.
  • Select a brand: You can select from various OEM and aftermarket options that can provide you with direct fit replacements or upgrades that can change the appearance of the interior in your vehicle.
What types of consoles are available for your Jaguar S-Type?

Your Jaguar has a variety of consoles available. Understanding the types of consoles can help with selecting replacements and upgrades for your Jaguar S-Type.

  • Overhead consoles: These offer a small storage compartment to store items such as your sunglasses. These consoles are opened by pressing a button, and they close by pushing the console shut.
  • Center console: This will usually sit under the fan and radio controls of your Jaguar S-Type. It provides a variety of storage and power options.
  • Armrest consoles: These provide additional storage by simply lifting or sliding a lid.
What companies manufacture consoles for your Jaguar S-Type?

When you need to replace a console or other parts of your interior, you have many options to choose from. If you are looking for a replacement that fits into your existing system, you can choose from OEM manufacturers like Jaguar. These parts are built to factory specifications. There are unbranded options available as well.