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Ford Explorer Interior Consoles & Parts

Introduced in 1990, the Ford Explorer began as a small, compact SUV, and has evolved through five generations to become a full-size SUV. Interior consoles for the Ford Explorer front, second row, floor, and roof differ in appearance, and owners can find console components for each Ford Explorer generation, trim, options and vehicle edition.

Which Ford Explorer center consoles are available?

Some Ford aftermarket and OEM center consoles for the Explorer fit a range of models from 1991 to 2008. Ford center consoles made from stain-resistant fabric, leather, or manufactured leather may have cup holders, storage compartment, and armrest cover. Several varieties of genuine Ford brand center console accessory are sold for center console replacement.

  • Replace an Explorer center console armrest cover with a new OEM or genuine Ford cover.
  • Console replacement cover colors can match interiors for Ford Explorer, including prairie tan, dark gray, saddle tan, willow green, and medium gray.
  • Ford console cover replacement hinges and cupholder liners can also be purchased.
  • Complete Explorer center console replacement kits come with mounting brackets and adapters.
Are there roof console replacement parts available?

Find Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to replace the overhead roof console for the Explorer. Look for front roof console units that are clearly identified for your Ford Explorer model year. The roof console should feature cabin lighting buttons and temperature indicators. Replacement consoles should come with brackets and mounting instructions. Replacement consoles can feature digital displays to replace analog displays in older Ford Explorer SUVs. Roof console replacements with climate control and sunroof controls are available. Roof consoles may be designed to match the car's colors or come in neutral or complementary shades.

Which console electrical and power charging parts are for sale?

Aftermarket and adapter parts enable owners to install USB or other types of ports for electronic device charging in older Ford Explorers and other cars. Replacement cigarette lighter electrical charging power outlets are available for various Explorer years. Find a matching color for an Explorer center floor console with a power plug.

Which aftermarket rear consoles are available?

Ford Explorer second row replacement consoles are available. Consoles that fit 2011-2016 Explorers include an armrest and storage, exterior coin or snack tray, and two lined cup holders, as well as a charging port. Replacement parts for a 2016-2017 second-row center console can include contrasting stitching, Ford logos, and pockets for school or work supplies like notebooks and pencils.