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Ford Escape Car and Truck Interior Consoles and Parts

Interior console parts for the Ford Escape crossover SUV include components like doors, hinges, latches, and different types of organizer options. Each part helps to secure the compartment so that it is suitable for housing various types of supplies. With a large selection of Ford Escape car and truck interior consoles and parts you can find the replacements that you need.

What are compartment doors?

Ford Escape compartment doors are typically rectangular, although they frequently range in dimensions based on the specific model year of the Ford Explorer at hand. Doors are typically made from hard plastic and sometimes upholstered with various kinds of textiles. The hard surface of the Ford's compartment door can double as an armrest for both drivers and front passengers, particularly if the specific Ford Explorer lacks armrests. The Escape's console door may also double as surface area for placing personal items like wallets or phones while driving.

How do compartment hinges function?

Ford Escape compartment hinges serve to attach the door to the sides of the console. Some hinges are attached to the short side of the door while others are attached to the long side. The former allows the door to be opened up to reveal the inside of the console, while the latter allows the door to open sideways so that the Ford's console is blocked from the passenger side.

What are qualities of compartment latches?

Ford Escape compartment latches are installed on the opposite end of the console as the hinge. Just like the hinge allows the door to open, the latch serves to keep it closed. A common type of latch features a mechanism that allows the Escape's driver or passenger to push down on a plastic flap to release the door. Some latches are crafted from different types of plastic while others include metal components.

What kinds of organizers are there?

An assortment of organizers can be found for streamlining storage within the Ford Escape’s compartment. Some have soft sides made from different types of fabric, while others are reinforced with plastic or metal. Some Escape organizers have completely solid sides and function both as protectors and storage spaces. Dividers allow compartments to be partitioned into different sections, while envelopes may help to store documents. Hard shelled organizers may house coins or other small, loose odds and ends.

What are care tips for interior console parts?

Taking time routinely to remove all objects from the inside of the interior console of the vehicle allows for cleaning. If the inside of your console is hard plastic, feel free to wipe it down with a damp, soft cloth to remove dust, stains, and spills. If the console is fabric, apply an appropriate attachment to your vacuum and remove debris that way.