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Consoles and Parts for Dodge Ram 2500

The consoles in your Dodge Ram 2500 truck serve many practical functions that should not be underestimated. Whether you are stashing goodies in the center console drawer or using the map lights to shine a light on the interior conditions, the components in your Dodge Ram are critical to a comfortable ride. Sort through the options contained in this collection, and select the consoles that conform to the core functions of your Dodge.

What types of Dodge Ram consoles and parts are available?

The main consoles inside the cab of your Dodge Ram 2500 truck are the center console and the overhead console. The overhead console is in the center of the roof of your Ram and features map lights that toggle on and off as well as other optional accessories like holders for sunglasses and garage openers. The center console sits between the front seats and contains a cavity on the inside for storing various items. Beyond the requisite straightforward replacements for these OEM parts there also exist various optional accessories and intriguing upgrades such as organizers and embroidered covers for the center console. And, if you thought that center-console cup holders were one-size-fits-all, think again. Not only do these parts vary with your Dodge’s year of manufacture, but they also come in various customized shapes and sizes.

What are the features of Dodge Ram center console organizers?

Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle equipped with a center console knows that they are just as convenient for storing items, as they are likely to fill up with junk. When you are fishing for your registration or trying to find a pen, sifting through what can seem like a metric ton of long-lost knickknacks and misplaced items can be a headache. Thankfully, there is a convenient innovation for keeping the center console in your vehicle neat and tidy. Center console organizers consist of a few small divided sections of different sizes that are perfect for holding many items separately from one another. These accessories generally rest at the top of the center console and can be removed to access the bottom section.

How do you install a Dodge Ram 2500 center console?

Replacing the center console in your Dodge Ram 2500 truck is easy and takes about an hour. Equip yourself with a socket wrench and follow these simple steps to remove the old center console and install a fresh replacement.

  • There are usually four metal arms coming out of the bottom of your center console that connect it to the floor brackets. Each arm is generally equipped with two 10 mm bolts.
  • Locate the bolts and remove them with a socket wrench. The center console should now come free from the floor brackets.
  • If your old center console is equipped with a light or other electronic equipment, disconnect the electrical wiring leading to the light before removing the part from the vehicle.
  • Position the new center console into place and connect any electrical wiring. Insert the bolts into the feet of the console to secure it into place and complete installation.