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Dodge Charger Car and Truck Interior Consoles and Parts

The Dodge Charger is a remake of the classic Charger which was first made in 1964. If there is damage to the console in the interior of your vehicle, you can find a variety of Dodge Charger car and truck interior consoles and accessories to perform repairs.

Where is the console located on the Charger?

The console is located in the center of the car between the front seats. The console has a cover that opens so that you can easily access the items inside. It can also include the cup holders and the area around them.

What is the purpose of the console on the Charger?

The console in your Dodge car can be used to store many essential items in the interior. You can keep your phone, phone charger, tools, a first aid kit, or many other small items. The console in your Dodge also includes your cup holders which allow you to keep a drink close at hand while you are driving. Occasionally the latch or lid on the console can become broken or damaged, which can make it non-functional. The console may also act as an armrest that cannot be used comfortably without the top.

What types of consoles are there for the Dodge Charger?

When shopping for a console to install in your Charger model, you should be aware of the different options. If you are having issues with the lid or latch of the console, you can purchase that part on its own. You can also purchase the entire console assembly if needed. This assembly may include the cup holders and be identical to the entire piece that was originally installed in the factory. Another option is the console trim which includes the pieces that extend from your main controls in the center dash of your car to the center console. If you are shopping for a new console based on damage or defect with your old one, it is important to know the exact pieces you need.

How do you install a console in a Dodge Charger?

To install your replacement console, you first need to remove the old console. To complete this process you may need to move both front seats forward to access the screws that hold the console in place. If you are installing the entire console from the front controls to the console base, you may also need to remove the radio bezel from the instrument panel. When installing just the armrest, you just need to remove the old to install the new. This process requires no special tools or mechanical knowledge.

Do consoles come with the hardware needed for installation?

If you order a console, it may come with the hardware required for installation, but you will want to double check. This information should be listed in the product description. If the hardware that was previously on your vehicle is not damaged or worn, it can likely be reused for your new part. If you do not have usable hardware, a new set can be ordered to complete your installation process.