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Chevrolet Tahoe Interior Consoles and Parts

The consoles inside of a Chevy Tahoe SUV are generally large enough to hold drinks, store sunglasses, or provide a place to hold loose change. By allowing a driver to put items down while driving, Chevrolet Tahoe interior consoles and parts make it safer and easier to complete a comfortable trip.

What type of materials are Chevrolet consoles made from?

A Chevy Tahoe console may be made from leather or plastic. Chrome or wood may also be found for premium models. However, consoles components may be purchased on their own, and this may make it possible to put chrome or wood into a base model Tahoe.

Do Chevrolet Tahoe interior consoles come with cup holders?

Most consoles found for a Chevy Tahoe do come with cup holders. They generally come in sets of two, and they are often made from the same materials as the rest of the console. However, buyers may be able to purchase chrome cup holders to put in a plastic console or otherwise mix and match to meet their needs.

Are Chevrolet Tahoe console covers?

Interior consoles for the Chevrolet are available with leather or carpeted covering. For some, this may be ideal from an aesthetic perspective. For others, having a covered Tahoe interior console may be ideal if they want to use it as an arm rest. Rubber mats can also be used to cover plastic console components to enhance their look and feel.

Can Chevrolet center consoles help to keep drinks cold?

Companies such as PG-TEC make center consoles with features such as having the ability to keep drinks cold. These refrigerated consoles can handle up to five liters of liquid such as water or soda. They are available for any Chevy Tahoe made between model years 2007 and 2014, and they can be inserted directly into an existing console.

What colors do Chevrolet Tahoe overhead consoles come in?

In addition to center consoles, the Tahoe has an overhead console that features lights and a small storage area. The overhead consoles are made in tan, silver metallic, and milky white.

Do Chevrolet consoles come with lids that close?

Chevy consoles do have dedicated storage areas that come with lids that can be closed, which may keep valuables out of view. Depending on the make and model of a Tahoe, these lids may come with locks that can be closed with a key for greater security.