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Buick Rendezvous Car and Truck Interior Consoles and Parts

The console in your Buick Rendezvous provides your vehicle with a variety of organization options. There are many choices available when you need to select a replacement console. Here are some questions that may come up when you're choosing a console for a Buick Rendezvous.

What are some tips for selecting consoles for your Rendezvous?

When you’re looking for a replacement console for your Buick Rendezvous, you’ll discover that there are many choices available. Following these guidelines can be helpful when you need to select Buick Rendezvous parts.

  • Choose a console that is compatible with your vehicle. You will need to know the make, model, and year of the car to select from parts that will fit. You may also need to know the production date as well. In some instances, the manufacturer will change the parts used in the middle of the production year.
  • Choose a style. You can select from different types of materials and colors. You may want to select one that matches your existing interior.
  • Choose a brand. You can choose from various third-party and direct-factory replacement parts that are compatible with your model.
What materials are available for a replacement Buick Rendezvous console?

When you select a console for your Buick Rendezvous, you can choose from a variety of materials. Understanding the choices available can help with the selection process.

  • Leather consoles can come in both natural and synthetic materials. Leather consoles can be a good option if you need a material that is easy to clean. Spills can be wiped off with ease from this type of material.
  • Some consoles have a wood-trim design. The real wood consoles will change over time as the wood ages, while the synthetic wood will maintain the same appearance.
  • Carbon-fiber consoles come in a variety of color choices. Carbon fiber is a durable and lightweight option for a console, and it works well with other materials.
What are some features of a Buick Rendezvous console?

There are many features available for car consoles. Some consoles will have USB connections built in. That convenient feature lets you charge your various electronic devices. Other consoles have storage configurations that are made to store your phone and other small items. Overhead consoles have compartments for storing glasses.

What companies manufacture replacement consoles for your Buick Rendezvous?

When you need to replace the console in your Buick Rendezvous, you have many manufacturers to choose from. If you prefer to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, you can select from those made by Buick and General Motors. OEM replacement consoles are built to the same specifications as the originally installed factory parts. Companies like Dorman, NAPA, OE+, and others produce aftermarket replacements that are compatible with your Buick Rendezvous. You may need to make some adjustments to the replacement console for it to fit properly in your Buick. There are also several unbranded choices available as well.