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Acura RDX Car and Truck Interior Consoles and Parts

The Acura RDX is a compact luxury SUV that has a center console that allows you to conveniently store essential items. This console and other related parts in the Acura can be replaced if they become damaged or stop working properly. With a wide selection of Acura RDX car and truck interior consoles and parts, you can find the replacements that you need.

How can the console in the RDX be used?

The console in the Acura RDX works well for storing items that you may need while on the road. You can keep chargers for your mobile devices, snacks, an emergency kit, sunglasses, and other personal items. The console in the Acura also includes your center cup holders where you can keep drinks. Included in the console category is the center light assembly that goes overhead in your vehicle. This unit is very helpful when you're in your Acura at night, as you can turn on the lights to see as needed.

What are some of the different console parts?

There are several different consoles that can be purchased for the Acura RDX. If the lid of your center console has been damaged or broken, you can purchase it separately without having to buy the floor unit. You can also purchase the floor unit and lid together. Another product that is widely found is replacement overhead lights that can go in the roof of your Acura if your previous lights malfunctioned. The cup holder tray is also available.

How do you choose the right console?

When choosing consoles for your Acura RDX, the most important consideration is the model year of your car. Consoles can vary in shape and size depending on the year of your RDX. It's also important to know the color of your car's interior, as you will want to purchase a console that matches your vehicle exactly.

Do consoles come with installation hardware?

If you're buying products for your Acura, they may include the hardware that is required for installation. This information can be found in the product description. You can also reuse the previously installed hardware if it has no wear or damage. If needed, you can purchase a set of hardware separately.

How do you install the console?

Installing the interior console on your Acura is a simple process. The pieces are held in with bolts or screws. You will simply need to unbolt the old console and insert the replacement into its place. If you want to install new lights in your RDX, you'll also have to disconnect the electrical connections.