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Subaru Forester Car and Truck Interior Cargo Nets, Trays, and Liners

Cargo tools for Subaru Foresters include nets, liners, organizers, and other parts and accessories. Each serves a distinct purpose to help make the driver's life easier. These tools are made out of different materials based on their particular uses.

What styles of cargo nets, trays, and liners are there?

The following is a list of the different styles that can be found. Each style helps to organize just a little differently.

  • Safety drawers provide a secure solution for valuables that need to be stored in the back of a Forester. Different designs fit under the rear seat, in the floor of the cargo space, and even against the side of the back interior. Lock boxes are a type of safety drawer that specifically lock with a key or special combination. Beyond the durable exterior, the lock provides an extra layer of security.
  • Nets are utilized to contain cargo to a particular portion of the cargo area. They can be installed in a variety of places to divide the space between the left and right or front and back halves.
  • Linings for your Subaru help to protect the bottom of the back area. Durable materials like treated plastic and synthetics help to decrease the possibility of damage to the vehicle’s rear upholstery.
  • Hard-top totes are designed to sit in the back storage area of the Forester. Some have wheels attached for easy transportation once you reach your destination, and others are designed to stay in the back of the vehicle for storage. These are durable and protective from the elements. Consider these appropriate for moving supplies to and from special events, among other purposes.
  • Soft totes for your Forester fit anywhere. These can be strapped to the rear of the back seat, fit on the floor of the cargo space, under the back seat, and even against the vehicle’s tailgate. Velcro and straps make these pouches extremely versatile for storing items of all different shapes and sizes in the rear of a Forester.
  • Trail bags sit on the bottom of the cargo space and often zip open from the top. They include spaces for all different utilitarian supplies like blankets, bungee cords, tarps, food, water, and matches. This may be a practical consideration if you frequently hike or camp.
What materials are trunk storage tools made from?

Storage tools for Subaru Foresters are made from all sorts of materials like hard metal and plastic for lock boxes to soft plastic, nylon, and synthetic blends. Soft totes typically feature a plastic lining surrounded by fabric; buckles and fasteners may be made from webbing and plastic. Hard-top totes are typically durable plastic as well. Trail bags may utilize some or all of the same materials. Nets are usually made from different types of cord, while linings are usually hard plastic.

How do you clean trunk storage tools?

Cleaning storage tools depends on the materials that they are made from. Hard plastic or metal organizers and linings can be wiped down with a cloth or sponge dipped in a mixture of soap and warm water. After the dirt or spots are removed, wipe the organizer down with a wet cloth and dry with another soft cloth. Fabric and mesh organizers and nets may be suitable for vacuuming; check the directions on a particular organizer for cleaning details. To spot clean, use the same method with soap and water.