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Dodge Journey Car and Truck Interior Cargo Nets, Trays, and Liners

Whether you are traveling with kids or you need to haul a number of items in your Dodge Journey, making sure you secure your items can keep your SUV safe and clean. Liners, cargo nets, and storage trays are all designed to keep your items organized and in one spot while you drive. Depending on the type of cargo you are hauling, you may find some liners, nets, and trays more useful than others.

What are the differences between cargo nets, trays, and liners?

There are some major differences between these storage accessories, which include:

  • Nets: These accessories stretch across the back of the truck and protect the rear of your Dodge from getting banged up from items that may shift as you drive. This accessory is helpful for securing sports equipment, loose tools, and any other items that could become a projectile once your wheels hit some resistance or bumps.
  • Trays: Storage trays can help you keep all of your items that you need to haul in your Journey in one place. For example, groceries, kids' toys, and basic car supplies may fit in storage trays or organizers.
  • Liners: Liners are large enough to cover the back seats and floor or the entirety of the trunk.
What are the benefits of cargo liners?

There are five main benefits to using liners in your Journey, including:

  • Interior saver: Adding a liner can help save the interior of your Dodge Journey, especially if you are transporting muddy tools or other dusty items.
  • Improve the interior: If your Dodge Journey is on the older side, adding liners can improve the appearance of your vehicle's cabin.
  • Cargo protection: Some liners have carpeting or other cushioning to help protect your cargo while you haul it. For example, carpeted liners can prevent dings and scratches to antique furniture or picture frames.
  • Pet transportation: Laying down a liner in the backseat of your Dodge Journey can keep your dogs' claws from scraping up the seats and reduce the amount of hair that gets left behind.
  • Easy cleanup: Liners can be removed from the vehicle for easy cleanup.
What should you consider when looking for liners?

When looking for liners for your Dodge, you may want to consider the following:

  • Size: The trunk area differs between Dodge car and SUV models, which is why there are liners that are specifically made to fit the Journey. Alternatively, you can choose a liner that you can trim down.
  • Liner material: Liners can be made from plastic, rubber, or carpet. Plastic and rubber are waterproof and flexible while carpet has additional padding to make the ride softer for your items.
  • Item type: If you haul pets and messy kids, a rubber or plastic liner is easy to clean. However, if you use your Dodge to haul fragile or large items that are at risk for shifting as you drive, a carpeted liner may be more appropriate.