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Dodge Durango Car & Truck Interior Cargo Nets, Trays, & Liners

When you need to haul cargo in your Dodge Durango truck, you will likely want to make sure your load gets there in one piece. You can use a variety of Dodge Durango car and truck interior cargo nets, trays, and liners to not only protect your vehicle, but to also protect your cargo. There are many different options available, meaning you should be able to find the nets or liners that will work for your situation.

What are the differences between cargo nets, liners, and trays?

There are some differences between the three transport options.

  • Cargo nets: These nets can be stretched inside your vehicle. The nets keep round items, like sports balls and equipment, from sliding around in your cargo area. These nets can prevent damage to the body of your Durango.
  • Liners: These are installed along the bottom of your truck. You can keep large cargo secure by preventing it from slipping and sliding around.
  • Trays: These smaller organizers can keep your items organized and in one spot. Some of these trays are portable, allowing you to easily load and unload your items.
What are the reasons to use a cargo liner?

There are several reasons you may want to use a liner in your Dodge Durango.

  • Easy cleanup: Using a liner helps to keep the Durango interior underneath clean from debris and liquid spills. Depending on the type of liner you are using, cleanup can be as easy as wiping down the liner or running a vacuum over it.
  • Cargo protection: Carpeted liners can add protection to the cargo by preventing bumps and scratches. Rubber liners can prevent cargo from slipping and sliding around.
  • Transport messy cargo: When transporting pets or other potentially messy cargo, the liners will keep your interior from being full of pet hair, mud, and water. Some liners may even be machine washable to help you keep the debris in your Dodge Durango to a minimum.
  • Aesthetics: Liners can also be used to give your Dodge Durango a customized look. Liners can come in a variety of styles and colors. They can also come with Dodge logos or logos from your favorite sports team.
What types of materials can liners be made of?

Liners are generally made from three different types of materials.

  • Carpet: Liners for cargo that are made of carpeting are soft and designed to protect the items you are hauling. While they may be resistant to certain stains, they are not waterproof. However, they will help to keep your fragile items or pets secure in your truck during the trip.
  • Plastic: These liners are durable, rugged, and waterproof. Some plastic liners are rubberized to keep your load from slipping and sliding.
  • Rubber: These liners are flexible and can often be trimmed to fit the inside of your truck. This will keep your load more secure and prevent it from bumping around the interior of your Durango.