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Cargo Nets, Trays, and Liners for Chevrolet Equinox

When you bought your Chevy Equinox, one of the things that was probably on your mind was the ability to haul just about anything you needed using its generous hauling space. Keeping all items right where they belong is also an important part of ensuring the safety of your passengers. The right cargo net or tray can help you with this important task.

What types of cargo organizers exist for an Equinox?

Since everyone's needs are different, the options for organizing and securing your load are many. Choosing one or a combination of these tools allows you to easily create a totally customized secure storage solution for everything you need to haul.

  • Cargo nets: These are the familiar elastic nets that have found a place in car trunks and SUV hatches for many years. These nets limit the space where items can slide around and when full, utilize tension to keep everything tightly in place.
  • Cargo liner: These are all-weather mats that protect your carpet from spills and items tracked into the gear area. With a cargo liner, you can throw in those snowy boots with no worries.
  • Cargo tray: This is similar to a cargo space protector, except it has edges which go up the sides of your gear area, providing more protection. Additionally, they are often equipped with dividers to allow you to further organize what you haul.
  • Cargo security shade: These are opaque flat covers that are installed just below the headrests of the rear seats and extend to the rear door. These covers keep you safe by preventing items from flying forward during a sudden stop. They also keep your items safe from thefts.
Who manufactures cargo space accessories for an Equinox?

Chevrolet understands that you want to use your gear space appropriately and provides all of the components listed above as original equipment manufacturer accessories. Getting them second-hand from a donor Chevy is also a great option, especially since these items are rarely damaged in accidents. You may also find aftermarket products that are suitable for your Equinox.

How do you install an Equinox cargo organizer?

The great thing about installing any of these accessories is that your hauling area already has all the correct notches and hooks to quickly install the components using few, if any, tools. When buying parts, make sure you match the year in addition to the make and model, as these notches and hooks do change in location and design from generation to generation. Here is a quick explanation of how to install the most complicated accessory, the security shade.

  • First, clip the shade to the rear headrests using the provided hooks.
  • Press on one end of the shade, line it up with the appropriate notch, and release it to lock in place.
  • Finally, repeat the second step for the other side and then pull the cover out to ensure it's working properly.