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Cargo Nets, Trays, and Liners for Acura RDX

Cargo nets, trays, and liners are very useful for keeping items organized and holding them in place, especially in an SUV like an RDX. Because the cargo space is not separate from the passenger compartment, it can be helpful when carrying tall loads to keep the back area netted. While many nets, trays, and liners can be used in many different vehicles, buying one designed specifically for your Acura RDX will ensure that it will fit well.

What holders are available for objects in an Acura RDX?
  • Nets: They stretch over the objects in the back compartment to hold them in place.
  • Trays: These hold goods in the back of the Acura or under a seat and keep them off the floor.
  • Liners: Liners rest in the back of the SUV and protect the floor from wet or dirty items.
  • Organizers: These have separate compartments for keeping items organized.
  • Anti-theft covers: These covers hide the items in the Acura's cargo space so thieves can't see them.
What should you consider when buying a cargo holder?

First, you should consider the purpose for which you will use it. If you want to keep your groceries from sliding around in the back and falling out of the Acura when you open the door, an organizer with compartments will help. If you'll be carrying something that's wet or dirty in your luxury vehicle, a tray or liner can keep the floor clean and dry. To protect your goods from thieves, choose something that keeps the goods hidden and slows down access. To keep things from flying around in sudden stops and accidents, choose a net or cover that covers the objects and holds them down.

  • Compatibility with the vehicle: Choosing one designed for your Acura RDX helps, but check the specs to make sure it will fit your RDX.
  • Appearance: A net or organizer in a luxury vehicle like an Acura should look good.
  • Color: Choose one that coordinates with the interior of your Acura RDX.
Can a cover help to deter thieves?

Some covers are designed to keep thieves from seeing goods in the interior cargo space. There are models designed specifically for the Acura RDX interior. Be sure to buy one appropriate for your Acura's trim level. Other types of holders can also help to deter thieves by making items harder to see or by slowing a thief down.

Can a net or cover improve safety?

Things that cover goods and hold them down, such as nets and anti-theft covers, definitely improve safety. These covers keep objects right where you placed them during sudden stops. Any cover that helps hold goods in place in your Acura RDX interior can also help protect fragile goods from breaking.